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When Is Your Article Successful?

The word ‘Article Marketing’ in itself explains the importance of an ‘Article’ to market and promote your product. The very first base of an effective marketing campaign is a quality article. Our next few chapters are dedicated to give you a complete insight about what is a successful article with respect to article marketing and how can a marketer craft a well targeted quality article. First let’s explore what is a successful article.

A Successful Article

A successful article with reference to article marketing is the one that is well taken by your publishers as well as your targeted audience and that creates interest in the eyes of the reader and helps you generate business leads.

The AIDA Concept

In order to develop interest in your readers, it is significant to incorporate the AIDA Principle while writing an article. The term AIDA stands for:

A : ATTENTION – to attract Attention

I : INTEREST – to arouse Interest

D : DESIRE – to create Desire

A : ACTION – to stimulate Action

The concept was introduced by an American advertising and sales pioneer, E. St. Elmo Lewis, 1898. This principle works well in creating an article by ensuring that the content should attract attention, arouse interest and creates desire and should stimulate action.

lso it is imperative to mention here that a marketer can design content for the article keeping in mind several purposes that the article may serve. Usually the articles created for article marketing may serve the following purpose. Such as they may be considered as:

1. Source of Information: Where the writer gives information and disseminate his knowledge over something for example a company that produces diet supplements may write an article on why it is important to reduce weight if you are overweight. These articles are mostly aimed at solving customer problems o several issues and increasing credibility of the company, which in turn increases the chances of the changing leads into buyers of your product.

2. Source of Promotion: Few articles are specifically targeted to promote sales and contain attributes and advantages of a product or services and enforce people to buy the product by several discounts or offers etc.

3. Source of Opinion: Articles may also serve as sources of opinion where the writer shares his or her views or opinion regarding an event or an issue. These articles are very specific and the writer needs to verify and support his or her hypothesis based on several references and reasons. Again the success of these articles increases the credibility of the author (the marketer) and the company. For example if you are a financial consultant and you constantly publish articles based on your opinion about for example recent government economic reforms or tax regulations you not only increase audiences awareness but also increase your credibility in the eyes of your prospective customers.

Thus an article marketer should identify that what should be the purpose of the article and must follow the AIDA concept to enhance the effectiveness of the article. In the next chapter we will explore ways to develop an effective article.

Word of Caution

It is essentially important to note that the articles that a marketer writes for marketing purpose are entirely different from the ones published by traditional article writes. Some people confuse it with article writing. Remember that article writing is a totally different field and the articles written by authors in the field of article writing are not aimed to improve web traffic or generate sales. In fact those articles are not marketed oriented at all. So never confuse article marketing with article writing. Later in this text we will discuss in detail difference between article writing and article marketing.


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