Why You Should Make The Content On Your Site Unique? (SEO VIDEO!)

Why You Should Make The Content On Your Site Unique? (SEO VIDEO!)

Google Webmaster Tools uploaded out a new educational video that relates a lot to internet marketing. This time, Matt Cutts answers a question regarding to ecommerce websites that hold about 1,000+ product pages. The question, as Matt translates it, essentially comes down to: How can I make the pages on my website unique?

“Okay, let me give you a little bit of tough love…the question should not be, ‘I have n pages. How can I make them unique?’ The question is, ‘How many pages can I make that are high quality that provide value to users?’” Cutt says. “If you can’t manage to have a thousand pages, and have something unique – something different than just an affiliate feed or whatever on each page of that site, then why should your thousand pages, which are, again, maybe just rewarmed content of an affiliate feed, rank compared to someone else’s thousand pages of that same affiliate content?”

Watching the short video, something gives me the feeling that Matt is getting a little tired of answering questions like this..

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