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A Travel Affiliate Program That Will Boost Your Revenue?

A Travel Affiliate Program That Will Boost Your Revenue?

Are you interested in entering or expending the lucrative travel niche? Do you have a site or blog that is dedicated to tourism information? Maybe a travel blog? Do you blog about your own travels? If you could answer ‘yes’ to at least one of these questions above, please read on! Your mind will be blown away by the following information.

When I hear people talking about the travel industry, dollar signs miraculously appear in my eyes: the amount of money that can be made in this niche is ridiculously high. I mean, just think about it for a second… Nowadays, the majority of the people will travel to a holiday destination at least one time a year. With the price of plane tickets being at an all-time low, a lot more people can get access to this form of (easy) transportation every single day. And here is how you should capitalize on this:

While I was working on a brand new travel blog, I came across a online program that is 100% dedicated in helping you to make (a lot of) money in the travel industry: TravelPayouts.

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So, what is TravelPayouts?

TravelPayouts is a travel affiliate program that was developed around a powerful travel search engine.

Travel Affiliate Program

More specifically, TravelPayouts offers 3 different travel-related search engines that you can easily implement and promote:

1. Aviasales: This is the first product offered by TravelPayouts and it is the biggest flight search engine for Eastern Europe. Aviasales offers its visitors the ability to compare current flights from 728 airlines worldwide.

2. JetRadar: This search engine is based on the success story of Aviasales, TravelPayouts developed this second product to get a better grip into the worldwide travel market. This internationalised version of Aviasales supports a large variety of languages and several different currencies.

3. Hotellook: After Travelpayouts finished developing their flight search engines, they instantly stepped into the hotel search engine business. The site is made available in both the Russian and English language and it allows the user to search through over 250,000 hotels in more than 205 countries.

How will you make money from TravelPayouts?

Travelpayouts currently offers 4 different monetization opportunities:

1. Direct Linking

The most simplified way to make start making money from TravelPayouts is to publish links directly to their search engines, using either a standard text hyper link or a banner (which Travelpayouts provide to their affiliates in the affiliate area).

Let’s say that you are writing articles about your latest vacation in Hawaii. You just have to insert a link that leads to a related page on TravelPayouts, so people can also book their flight and hotel from this program, using your affiliate link.

2. Search Forms

The second monetization option that is offered is to place their travel search function directly on your own site or blog. TravelPayouts offers some standard search forms that you just have to copy-paste into to your site. When a visitor uses your search form from your website, and purchases a plane ticket or makes a booking for an hotel, you will receive commission for the sale.

3. Mobile App

With the intense growth of mobile traffic, you should seriously think about making even more money from travel search mobile applications. Simply put a link to TravelPayouts’ own mobile apps. After your visitors have installed the application, you will earn money from every reservation they make for a full year. (So you do not have to worry about your affiliate cookie length or getting your cookie overwritten by your competitors!)

4. Second Tier Affiliates

And last but not least, thanks to a highly-developed 2-tier affiliate program, you can now also make money by referring people to TravelPayouts. Their 2-tier affiliate program will allow you to earn 5% of the TravelPayouts income that is generated by your sub-affiliates.

Why should you be promoting TravelPayouts?

A. It’s the easiest signup process ever 

First of all, let’s take a quick look at the signup process. It literally took me just 5 seconds to create my account with TravelPayouts. I just typed my email address and a password. I got redirected instantly to their members area, and I received the confirmation email instantly. I used the activation link included in the email, and voila! I’m set up to make money.

B. Beautiful interface

Once you are signed in to the TravelPayouts members area, the affiliate interface looks very clean and simple. You can choose your currency from a large list of 15 (default is always US dollar) and your language (English or Russian).

The TravelPayouts dashboard displays general statistics so you can compare your earnings from today, yesterday, this month and last month.

Travel Affiliate Program

What I really love about TravelPayouts is are the detailed statistics that you get access to. With just the click of a button, you are able to see your Earnings, Visitors, Bookings, Searches, Clicks, Pending Profits, Referrals, CPC, CTR, CPS and CPU. You can even get reports of the destinations and dates of each submitted form!

Travel Affiliate Program

C. High quality promotional tools

I am really impressed with the great quality of the offered promotional tools. It took me literally about 10 seconds to create my own beautiful search form that fits perfectly with my travel blog color scheme. Resizing the search form to the perfect width is easily done using a drag-and-drop tool, and you can choose between 7 different preset color schemes or even create your own personal one.

Travel Affiliate Program

To make all things even easier for you, TravelPayouts also offer a standard WordPress plugin that allows you to insert a search forms directly on your website.

Aside from TravelPayouts beautiful search forms, you can also choose one of their high-quality banners.

As if it just was not yet enough already, you also get direct access to travel maps that display low prices in the area, a white label tool to implement your own branding during the entire search process, and search/data API and SDK for mobile applications that will enable you to create your own personalised search form with all the functionality that you need.

D. Clean and very simple websites 

The first irritation of travel booking sites is how cluttered their homepage is with too much information. There is so much information competing to get your attention that you can easily feel overwhelmed.

Keeping clarity and simplicity in mind, the development team behind TravelPayouts has created some beautiful websites that allows their visitors to do exactly what they are here for: making bookings easy.

Look at these 2 example sites and you will instantly see what I mean: 

Travel Affiliate Program
Travel Affiliate Program

I installed a TravelPayouts form on my site. What’s next?

TravelPayouts puts full emphasis on paying excellent commissions to their affiliates. They understand that it is their affiliates that are the main source of growing their business. As a result of this, they are claiming that on average, affiliates will be earning $9 for each airline ticket sold, and $15 for every hotel reservation.

With their amazing attention to details, TravelPayouts simplified the payment process as much as possible. Once you start generating commissions, you will be able to receive your earnings after you hit the $50 threshold. Also keep in mind that there are various ways to get paid: Paypal, Webmoney, ePayments, Yandex and Money.

Now, it s your turn!

With more than $2,021,680.87 in paid commissions, you already know that TravelPayouts is the real deal. You can also see the earnings of their top 10 affiliates on their home page. How would you like to put that a part of that money directly in your own pocket?

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