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5 QuickTips to increase makeup affiliate programs sales

5 QuickTips to increase makeup affiliate programs sales

Are you running a makeup or beauty website? Are you a influencer in beauty or makeup on social media? If yes, you should check out these following 5 quicktips to increase your makeup affiliate programs sales.

1. Churning out the best possible content

Whether you are running a beauty blog or an online store, you should have already started in creating informative content for your audience. Write in-depth beauty product reviews that add value to your core audience. I call it “Return of Interest”. When people are in need of information or a certain (beauty) product, they have to think of you because they find your information relevant.

start a fashion or makeup blog and start writing about beauty related topics if you want to build trust with your audience.

Make sure to target the right keywords, build (back)links and attract user engagement such as comments and social shares to improve your blog’s authority. 

If possible, try to become active on other social media platforms especially YouTube and Instagram as you can find the mass of audience there whom are interested in makeup or beauty related products. 

You can also do video reviews about the brand and beauty products you want to promote by starting your own YouTube channel.

2. Get in touch with the actual brands

There are many beauty brands that will pay huge money to promote their products to your audience. Promote their products on various platforms like your own website, Instagram account, YouTube or wherever you have a loyal following.

3. What do your customers actually want to buy?

First rule in affiliate marketing: you only get paid when you make a sale. If you are pasting banners, tons of popups, videos etc on your website, you will never make any sales.

Always find out what your target audience truly desires. Only then, you can be able to find the right products that actually help them to solve their pain. 

You can use affiliate platforms like CJ, eBay, Amazon, ShareASale etc to find relevant and popular cosmetic products that suit your target audience. Use the sites to filter on popularity.

4. Focus on excellent SEO 

It never matters how good you are at selling products, if you really want to get the most out of passive income / affiliate marketing in any industry be it beauty or makeup or even the fitness niche, you must focus on your SEO!

SEO (search engine optimization) is what counts when people want find what you are selling. Organic search engine traffic is the most qualified traffic source where you can get more conversions for your affiliate products.

Content, keywords and backlinks – THE 3 pillars of any successful SEO strategy. So make sure to get those THREE things right. Always!

5. Email list is a MUST

You probably heard a lot of the importance of building an email list as an affiliate. It has the huge ROI (Return-of-Investment) where you get a $40 investment on every $1 you spend on building your email list so make sure to build and grow your list from day 1.

Create ebooks, write email series, enroll mini courses to build trust with your subscribers and also send discounts, coupons related to makeup affiliate programs if you really want to boost your affiliate sales rapidly.

Above all, always remember that trust is the only currency online. No matter what channel you are using (a blog or YouTube channel), find ways to build and hold trust with your audience.

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