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Top 10 Makeup Affiliate Programs That Give HIGHEST Commissions in 2021

Top 10 Makeup Affiliate Programs to Use In 2021

The booming makeup and beauty industry is currently one of the most profitable product category. The market has a value that is projected to grow by 20.1 billion dollars by 2021. According to Statista, the beauty industry is growing steady at a rapid rate. Just have a look at its growth from the below illustration.

As you can see in the chart above, from 2004 to 2019, the entire cosmetics industry (also includes the beauty and makeup niche) is consistently growing at a 5% annual rate.

So if you are looking for a billion-dollar industry as an (new) affiliate, you should really not ignore the numbers of the cosmetics or makeup industry as you will not only get access to a wide range of hottest affiliate programs but you will also get very lucrative commissions per single sale.

Whether you are a beauty blogger, influencer or makeup specialist who is looking for ways to make very good money online, make sure to sign up for the following top 10 makeup and fashion affiliate programs.

1. Nanshy Affiliate Program

If you want to be part of a high-quality makeup affiliate program, Nanshy affiliate program is excellent for you. They will pay 10% on the total purchased value. That means, if a customer referred by you spends  50 euros, you get 5 euros. Not bad!

What are the biggest benefits of using Nanshy beauty affiliate program:

With Nanshy affiliate program, you will enjoy the following benefits.

  • 10% commission on all successful purchases made through your affiliate links
  • Instant setup which is also free
  • Lifetime cookie window
  • Gives you real time affiliate link tracking so you won’t lose even one sale commission
  • As an affiliate, you’ll also get 25% exclusive discount on their makeup and beauty related products

The two biggest reasons why you should join Nanshy affiliate program is that it provides a lifetime cookie window which most of the beauty affiliate programs listed on this page don’t. That means, if a customer clicks on your affiliate referral links and decides to buy a product even after a year, granted they didn’t delete their cookies in meantime, you still get a good commission. Purchase after purchase.

Another great reason is Nanshy provides 25% off exclusively for its affiliate product promoters so you will receive a 25% discount on their beauty products along with many other benefits such as exclusive rewards and invitations to events and so on.

How to sign up for Nanshy makeup affiliate program?

Click here to sign up for the Nashy beauty affiliate program where you can start promoting their makeup affiliate programs to earn high commissions for every successful sale you make.

2. Adore Beauty Affiliate Program

If your passion is aligned with the best cosmetics affiliate program to promote a wide range of skincare, makeup, and hair care products to monetize your channel or website, the Adore Beauty affiliate program is the best fit for you. Adore Beauty is Australia’s leading online beauty store that offers over 200 different brands including free shipping for the customers

What are the main benefits of using Adore cosmetic affiliate program:

With Adore affiliate program, you will get access to the following benefits.

  • Earn 10% on all (confirmed) sales that are generated from your own referral links
  • 30 day cookie period is standard provided
  • You will get access to up-to-date promo codes to offer your audience to boost your affiliate sales
  • As an affiliate,  you also get direct access to several banner ads and text links to promote their beauty and makeup related affiliate products

You are, however, not eligible to join their affiliate program if you run a coupon or deal based website.

How to sign up for Adore makeup affiliate program?

Visit this page to apply for the Adore beauty affiliate program. Then, email with specific details of what you can offer to the Adore Beauty affiliate program to start promoting their products.

3. Beauty Bakerie Affiliate Program

Beauty Bakerie was founded by Cashmere Nicole back in 2011 and they offer their beauty products in over 1000+ locations globally. Beauty Bakerie offers various beauty products including lip products, eye products, face products and so much more.

What are the benefits of using Beauty Bakerie makeup affiliate program:

With Beauty Bakerie affiliate program, you are granted access to the following benefits.

  • 30 days cookie period
  • 8% base commission on all sales
  • There are no limits on how much commission you can make

Golden Tip: If you have never signed up for their email newsletter before, you get 10% off your first purchase, so apart from being an affiliate, if you want to purchase something with great discount, make sure to use this coupon. You can also ask your audience to get a 10% discount by signing up to their newsletter.

How to sign up for the Beauty Bakerie makeup affiliate program?

Follow this link to become an affiliate with them and fill out all the required details and you will be typically hearing back about your affiliate account status within 2 weeks after submitting your sign-up form details.

4. Mica Beauty Cosmetics Affiliate Program

Mica Beauty products are a full line of 100% all-natural cosmetics and they include free international shipping to orders over $75. You can find everything in their stock from Makeup, Skin Care and Beauty Accessories to promote to your audience. 

What are the biggest benefits of using the Mica Beauty Cosmetics affiliate program:

With this affiliate program, you instantly get access to the following benefits.

  • They offer commissions in tiers on their beauty products:
    • Tier 1: 8% Commission;
    • Tier 2: 5% Commission
    • Tier 3: 5% Commission
  • Affiliate supports lifetime cookie duration that means you can earn even after a year and longer of every successful sale
  • A very wide range of beauty or makeup products to promote to your audience 

You can earn 22% primary commission. 

Here is how this works.

For instance, TheMillionairesLife refers to you, TheMillionairesLife would earn a tier (1, 2 or 3) commission each time you deliver and earns a primary commission.

Let’s assume you refer a customer and the order amount is $100

In this case, you will earn a commission of $22 (22% of $100) and TheMillionairesLife will earn a tier commission as well for $8 (8% of $100). Now carry this into tiers 2 & 3.  

How to sign up for the Mica Beauty Cosmetics affiliate program?

Here’s the link to join their affiliate program. It’s completely free to sign up for their affiliate program.

5. Glambot Affiliate

If your channel mostly covers makeup or beauty related products, you should, without a doubt, become a Glambot affiliate as you can find a wide range of makeup collection online.

Here is why you are stupid if you don’t join the Glambot affiliate program:

With Glambot affiliate program, you will get access to the following benefits.

  • 10% commission on every sale you generate through your affiliate links
  • Get affiliate rewards starting from $50 and go all the way up to $300 for generating more sales
  • Get access to their exclusive product sneak peaks. If you’re an affiliate with them, you will get early bird access to try them early and promote to your affiliates
  • Free to join and instant setup is provided

If you are looking for exclusive affiliate rewards around makeup and beauty related affiliate programs, this is the right program for you! Definitely give a try to Glambot affiliate program since it gives you exclusive awards and offers if you generate more sales.

Here’s a breakdown of their amazing affiliate rewards.

  • Each month, if you generating your affiliate sales over $1500, you receive $300 extra (apart from the 10% base commission)
  • If you are generating affiliate sales between $1250 – $1499, you will receive $250
  • When you generated affiliate sales between $1000 – $1250, you’ll earn $200
  • Are your affiliate sales between $750 – $999, you’ll earn $150
  • With your affiliate sales between $550 – $749, you’ll earn $100 apart from 10% commission
  • With affiliate sales between $300 – $549, you’ll earn $50

How to sign up for Glambot makeup affiliate program?

Click here to sign up for Glambot affiliate program and start earning 10% commission along with affiliate rewards.

6. Mommy Makeup

For those who want even more user-friendly and multitasking makeup products which offers free shipping on ALL orders, Mommy Makeup affiliate program is just for you. All their products are made in the USA, allergy tested, cruelty-free, non-comedogenic, and non-acnegenic.

What are the biggest benefits of using the Mommy affiliate program:

This affiliate program provides access to the following benefits.

  • Commission starting at 10% on every sale
  • Bonuses if you’re selling a good amount of products
  • 60 day tracking cookie 
  • $62 AOV (that really is a huge commission payout rate)
  • Deep linking is available to help you sell more
  • Access to a wide range of offers and discounts regularly as an affiliate 
  • ShareASale Widget after signing up to promote their products
  • 24/7 Dedicated affiliate team is available to help you if you need any help related to promoting their beauty and makeup related affiliate products

How to sign up for the Mommy makeup affiliate program?

Join now as an affiliate for Mommy Makeup or you can also join quicker if you are already an affiliate with ShareASale.

7. Sally Beauty Affiliate Program

For those who prefer to promote professional quality DIY hair color, hair care, nails and more of such beauty and makeup products? Check out Sally Beauty as they also have a promising affiliate program that pays you 5% commission.

Why you should really use the Sally Beauty Affiliate Program

  • Access to promote a HUGE selection of professional and quality beauty supplies 
  • 5% commissions with average $65 online orders
  • Affiliate cookie window is 7 days
  • They currently give you access to more than 7,000 professional quality products for hair, skin, and nails
  • They operate over 2,700 Sally Beauty Supply stores worldwide

How to sign up for this makeup affiliate program?

Visit this page to sign up as an affiliate for free. Alternatively, you can also find them on ShareASale.

8. BH Cosmetics

BHCosmetics is a well-known beauty brand that offers a very wide range of cosmetics that include special vegan ingredients. If you want to promote high-quality beauty products including face palettes, brush sets, lip glosses, lashes & more, BH Cosmetics is more than perfect for you!

What benefits does BH Cosmetics offer:

  • Up to 8% commission when  you refer a successful sale within 60 days of their visit
  • Access to coupons and banners to promote their products 
  • $38.01 AOV (Average order value)
  • Monthly affiliate newsletters with helpfull tips
  • Weekly & Monthly consumer promotions
  • Monthly incentives & affiliate contests
  • 24/7 customer service

How to sign up for this cosmetic affiliate program?

Visit this page to sign up for their affiliate program for free.

9. True Natural affiliate program

To promote a premium brand of natural sunscreens, self tanners and anti-aging products, the True Natural affiliate program is right for you.

4 reasons why you should join the True Natural affiliate program

  • They offer the ability to add banners or text links to your site or posts to increase your overall makeup affiliate programs sales
  • Completely free to join
  • Earn 10% to 15% commission depending on the makeup affiliate products you promote
  • True Natural provide free shipping, 30 day returns and so on to those who order from their site so you can make use of this feature to get more product sales

How to sign up for True Natural makeup affiliate program?

This program already is on the Rakuten affiliate network, you can simply look for their affiliate program by searching for Advertiser ID 35251 or use this link to sign up for them.

10. Jolie Beauty Affiliate Program

Jolie Beauty is a widely popular UK online platforms that sells beauty and makeup related products which are shipped throughout the globe and it also has an affiliate program that you can join to earn huge commissions.

Reasons to really join the Jolie Beauty Affiliate Program

  • Earn a 10% commission for every successful sale you generate
  • 60 days of cookie life is provided which means that your visitors can make a purchase (or multiple) on their site within 60 days of their visit
  • Receive exclusive discounts, coupon codes, and deals to provide huge discounts for your visitors to increase your commissions and sales
  • Completely free to join and instant setup

This program is more in the “indie makeup products” segment. Extremely profitable! Their products are ranging from palettes, brushes to highlighters. Don’t miss out on this program.

How to sign up for Jolie Beauty makeup affiliate program?

To become an affiliate with Jolie Beauty, visit this link to join and start promoting their makeup products to earn more commissions per sale.

Final Thoughts On Top Makeup & Beauty Affiliate Programs

The entire Makeup and beauty industry is growing at a rapid pace and it is undoubtedly the billion dollar industry where you should see the exceptional growth as an affiliate in the future.

Picking the right fashion and beauty affiliate programs is definitely the key to generate more sales. Don’t hesitate too long and sign up for any of the programs in this list.

Here is a list of 5 QuickTips to increase makeup affiliate programs sales.

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