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Yacht Affiliate Marketing Programs

Yacht Affiliate Programs

Yacht rentals may be another affiliate marketing opportunity that you have never thought of before. Private yacht rentals is a niche that always does extremely well and its not just an ultra-affluent market.


Affiliate Commissions: Commission rates start at 10% of the total earnings per order, and they rise from there based on your website’s Page Rank and the volume of business that you do. All your performance is tracked electronically, and you can see various reports on the lead status in real time.

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2. SailingEurope

Affiliate Commission:  For the very first sale that you make, you will receive €100 (Euros, not USD) and, additionally, the earnings for up to 100 clicks.

Untill then: you will earn €0.10 per click. For subsequent conversions, SailingEurope will pay you €50 + click earnings for up to 100 clicks (which go at

the same rate – €0.10 per click).

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Website: Here


3. Cruise Direct

Affiliate Commission:  3.5% of the total gross sales of all your referred bookings.

Yacht Affiliate Program Signup Link: Click Here

Website: Here.

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