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Top 10 Mistakes Made With Review Websites

Creating a website solely for reviews is a very popular camouflage. Affiliates pretty much always use this technique to create commission sales from potential buyers who are looking for “the truth” with regards to a specific product. This can be particularly true due to the fact that many products online (particularly Clickbank items related to making money / Affiliate Marketing) are of the ‘it’s too good to be true’ variety. People these days have a urging need to figure out if items are for real by reading honest reviews, and there are really thousands of people who call themselves internet marketers who are anxious to tell consumers ‘the real truth’ about these products.

But unfortunately, for consumers (and for ClickBank), the majority of the review sites are doing the exact same things completely wrong, and in the end they don’t deliver real value to the consumer. The effect is that this tends to make all ClickBank products appear more like ‘scams’, and it has an unfavorable impact on the complete internet marketing community.

Based on my experience in developing my own review sites (and trust me, I’ve made a lot), here are the top 10 mistakes that you really want to avoid:

  1. Not Being Sincere About Product Reviews Most product review websites that I have visited are essentially duplicating the content from the product sales page. And let’s face it, this content is always full of extremely unrealistic expectations and (fake) testimonials that present the item as much better than it truly is. Always Be sincere with your potential buyers in all regards, be sure to give them beneficial information about what to expect, and you will notice that people are far more likely to buy from your affiliate links.
  2. Not Using any (Rich) Media For Reviews Like Pictures and Videos Product review sites that are composed of long textual paragraphs are never exciting, nor is it engaging for the audience. People are more likely to commit to purchasing if they are engaged through content that consists of videos and graphics.
  3. Not Having The Sufficient Knowledge of a Product Prior to Reviewing It In order to make other people understand the truth about a product that you are reviewing, you really have to learn all the details and facts. It may be very tempting to write a bunch of content in your review just for the sake of having a lot more content, but in order to receive trust of your potential customers, it is extremely essential to demonstrate your knowledge about the product you are reviewing.
  4. Not Engaging Your Audience By Leveraging Social Media Channels To build on the validity of your site as well as your expertise, you need to demonstrate that you did go the extra mile by trying to engage your customers through other social media channels. Any honest online enterprise must have active profiles on the various social networks in order to be labeled as an authority on the subject matter.
  5. Not Creating Any Original Product Review For those who are planning to develop a product review site by purchasing articles or scraping articles from other sites, you are most likely to run into quite a few issues. Search engines like Google (and also people) are usually looking for just one thing: authentic and unique content that comes from serious and passionate people.
  6. Not Looking Like An Professional Any website is destined to fall short if it looks like it was made from a cookie cutter WordPress templates or from canned CSS obtained from another site. Commit your precious time and energy into understanding the fundamentals of web development. Style your website based on other modern site examples that follow the best practices. An excellent place to get started quick is usually to locate a site which you pay a visit to often, and analyze the layout and design. You should never copy the style, but use it as your inspiration while you craft your own sites identity.
  7. Underestimating Your Audience Your visitors know when they are getting pitched to. Always remember to let the truth do the talking for you and focus your reviews on products that really work and improve the lives of the end consumer.
  8. Not Providing Any More Information Than Available On The Product Sales Page Dig into as much details as you can to ensure that the consumers reading your evaluations will find out more about the item than they can discover from another site on the web. Strive to become the authority for a product and other people will refer potential buyers to your site simply because you have the most and best beneficial information
  9. Using the Same Template For Every Review A lot of review sites are put into place by individuals who still think that adding new content implies a copy, paste, spin, and edit cycle. I will not call out any specific websites, but if you can see that all the reviews are following the exact same structure, you will know that these reviews were created in a ‘factory’ and not written by real users who have pure passion and interest in the product itself.
  10. Not Admitting That You Are Also Sell The Product With the risk of repeating other points, I will reiterate that the majority of your visitors will know that your ‘review’ website is also an affiliate website that is trying to sell the product to them. Be upfront about this, openly announce it to your guests, and don’t forget to thank them for their interest and willingness to help you succeed in your endeavor.

If you are considering to get into this niche and developing your own reviews sites, do the world a huge favor and make it a better place by offering real value for your website visitors. Without offering any value for your potential buyers, you will not have the ability to create relationships with trust, and you will be destined for failure..

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