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Bypass Clickbank Vendor Pages Directly To The Checkout Page

In today’s post, I will share a excellent tip on how you can get around bad sales copy when you want to promote a great product through ClickBank. The trick is that you write your very own sales copy for the product, and then link your “Order Now” button directly to the vendors checkout page!

Typically, when you are  actively promoting a ClickBank product as an affiliate, you have no other choice then to use what Clickbank calls a “hoplink” to the merchant’s sales copy. That hoplink will track all the click-through’s and makes sure that you will get the right credit for every sale that is made with your link in the form of commission.

In the rare case that might you want to bypass the merchant’s sales copy page, you can also set up a direct link to the checkout page that will still track all your referrals.

Here is how you can do that:

You have to put the “http://” in front of that, and also make sure the link comes out all on one single line with no spaces or breaks.

Here are the 4 elements that you need to edit in the link:

  • YOURID which is your ClickBank Affiliate ID
  • MERCHANTID the merchant’s ClickBank ID
  • ProductNumber This is normally 1
  • ProductName The full product name, like Siege Commissions will be siegecommissions

You can find the product name and product number in the merchant’s original checkout link that you can get from their vendors page or from the Clickbank marketplace.

What I usually do to get this information is viewing the merchant’s sales copy page, then I go to View > Source in my browsers menu bar. This brings up the source code for the page so you are able to locate the order button and analyze their order link for the right information.

You always have to test your link once you created it! 

Make sure that on the bottom of the page it still says [affiliate = YOURID] (where YOURID, obviously, is your Clickbank affiliate ID).

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