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Basics To Convert Affiliate Traffic Into Sales

Basics To Convert Affiliate Traffic Into Sales

The only goal with internet marketing is to bring quality traffic to a website. But let’s face it: While many of us are very successful bringing in traffic to our sites, this won’t mean that we also are successful at our affiliate marketing campaign unless we make a sale.

Unfortunately, it has never really been easy to convert visitors into sales. A lot of sites are very active in attracting visitors but very few are able to really convert their visitors into customers.

If you are failing with gaining any sale from your visitors, you are pretty much wasting a lot of your valuable time, money, and energy in your affiliate marketing campaigns. If you recognize this problem, then it is about time to re-evaluate stuff and figure out what is wrong with your online strategy.

Below are handy affiliate marketing tips that can significantly contribute change to your visitor response rate in your site:

The targeted market

When it comes down to your market, it is extremely important that you really ‘target’ your site’s visitors. The more targeted your niche market is, the better it is for you to provide them with the right information that caters their needs.

Additionally, try to focus on finding visitors who are ready to buy. To start, you can do this by carefully choosing your keywords. While it is always better to consider high volume searches like “women’s watches”, try to also get into the more specific keywords like product specific names such as “Timex GPS watch” or “Timex 1440 Sports”.

If you get successful at targeting your niche market by carefully  choosing your keywords, it will be a lot easier for you to attend to their specific needs and you will be able to easily address these needs with your affiliate marketing materials.

Content can be King

After you have conducted a thorough research of your target niche market, the next step is for you to specify is how-to effectively communicate with them.

It is very important that you consider to be ‘humanizing’ your content rather than being too focused on the eventual sale. For example, instead of giving visitors 500-800 words of content on the benefits of using your affiliate product, why not give them something that will really connect you to them personally?? You may write stuff about how your previous customers felt and experienced the product you are promoting.

And of course, if you can target your niche market, you should also be successful in writing the right content for your audience. This means that you supply your market with the complete and right details as much as you are able to. This is another way to connect with your market.

If your website is about hair straighteners, don’tt just provide your readers a complete list of products with some pictures. Try to give them as much information as possible to fulfill your market their need for valuable information. You should also include important details like pricing, features, and some reviews.

The main problem with most website owners is that they give information that doesn’t really ‘connect’ to their targeted market. Again, it is extremely important that you think of your market like “what are they really looking for”? And “what are their needs”?

Quite importantly, don’t forget to always do on-page optimization. Make sure that your webpages are all optimized. Example: your title tags and meta tag description is the first content that your visitors will see when they are searching online.

Thus, always make sure that these sections are well optimized using your keywords and always include a sentence or two that describes your affiliate product or services. Try to also create a call to action type of message to draw their interest in you.

Overall Design and navigation

You need to understand how your visitors are using your website. If you want to make sales, you need to seamlessly combine your content and page layout to lead your visitors to a purchase.

Most visitors who are ready to buy often seek these things: Contact information (Most often also a phone number), satisfaction guarantees, and signs of good support after the purchase.

Once again, when it comes to your content, always create something that will ‘speak” to your customers. Provide them with clear and to the point messages, assist them in their needs, and then eventually put a ‘call to action’ at the very end of your message.

You will be surprise how little things can make a huge difference in online marketing. Make sure that your site is set-up in a way that people know how they can find their way around effortlessly.

This is the point where split testing is needed. Most of the website owners only focus on their unique content and online marketing strategies, and they don’t even bother to implement split testing codes into their site.

Always consider and treat your site like it is your real (offline) shop and if you are the store owner. All store owners know exactly that is going on around their stores. this also includes the amount of people going in and out, the number of people that are buying, which products are purchased, and so on.

Every store owner has all these information and at the end of the day. They then evaluate the day and check which needs replacement and what needs to be improved.

As a site owner, running and maintaining a website should work exactly that way. Having split testing programs installed will help you significantly to keep track of all elements that are working for and against you in your site.

Good split testing programs, like Google Analytics, is able to show you good comparison between two or several different elements in your site (like the headlines or opt-in forms) and shows you the version that provides you with much better results.

Constantly conducting split tests in your website can get you far ahead of your competition since this will mean you are always finding ways to improve your pages.

Web Analysis

Analysis and measurement of your daily results should not be neglected a single bit. Make sure that your tracking program is accurate so all your efforts will not be put to waste.

Reserve some of your time to analyze your website statistics. This will be the only way to really know your visitors and to find additional ways to convert them to buying customers.

Google Analytics, like i mentioned earlier, will provide you with all the important information about your visitors and your site. Think about the essential things like the keywords that routes them to your website, the pages they enter on, the pages they leave your site, the internal links they click on, and many more.

Use all this good information to improve your site and to develop different ways on how you can convert your visitors into customers..

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