Traffic Generation

Infamous Traffic Secrets

Oh traffic, my friend.

You are so extremely vital to every online business – but yet, you are also so elusive.

Now tell me, are you dying to know want to know the REAL secret to driving traffic is? Some techniques that have worked very well for my businesses over the past 6 years, and that is still working today?

The whole infamous traffic generation technique that I successfully used comes down to one word single: STICK-TO-ITIVENESS.

I have good news for you. Driving high-quality traffic to your site is actually really simple – but it might not always seem “easy.” And with easy, I mean you can’t just “click a button” and thousands of people will come on your sites. I am sorry, but that is just not any reality.

Receiving traffic takes some effort – but the effort does pay off. Big time.

I’ve listed a few simple steps that you can take to build a very consistent and reliable stream of traffic.

  • Updating Your Blog: Google adores blogs providing fresh content. So stop being a lazy ass and commit yourself to update your blog at least 2 or 3 times a week. This can be as simple as posting a YouTube video you pasted with a few lines of commentary.
  • Be Thinking Syndication: There are a dozen of different sites with very high PageRanks of 4-9 that are very desperate for YOUR content. Sites like and are just two of them. Get out there with your content and get in front of even more people.
  • Being Prolific: Find out exactly where your target market goes – and take action to get in front of them. It might be as simple as an Facebook group, an Association discussion forum or Ning community site. Answer questions related to your niche, write articles, speak about the niche at their events and be a contributor to the community.
  • Be Networked: Take action to reach out to the influential people in your niche. And also offer to help them (DON’T just pitch your products and commissions! This will have a negative effect). Be Thinking of the long-term relationships and take effort keep in touch. Always.
  • Create a Ritual: For me, it’s setting a goal for my daily “marketing tasks” and doing that in the morning from Starbucks (that’s why I created the tool in my author box below). Find a place you enjoy working from. And build it into your day.

Please, stop looking for any magic bullet or “loophole”- it is all an illusion and such thing doesn’t exist.

Th real secret is to be consistent with your work and deliver outstanding products & services. To increase success you have to create no-brainer offers. And turn your “customers” into loyal fans who, in their turn, spread the word about you and will become your new reliable source for traffic.

To have success in the future It all starts with… consistent baby steps. So stick to what you are doing!.

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Pascal is extremely successful as an affiliate marketer. since 2007 he developed numerous skills as an SEO expert and is direct coach to several online marketers. Pascal lives the typical story of a boy who went from "Rags to Riches". His earnings boosted from 2010 and he earned over $35 Million USD with affiliate marketing. Not bad!

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