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Is Your Content a Turnoff?

Just like it is important to get visitors on your site, it is just as important to keep the visitors on your site. Ask yourself the question: What good is it if you tons of visitors, but they are being turned off by the content on your site? There are many different essential elements at play that affect how effective a website is in keeping the visitors engaged.

Is your best stuff hard to find?

Most of these so-called factors are mainly the visual ones. For instance, positioning the most important content in places that are clearly visible and also easily accessible. This may seem like a no brainer, but when you are building a large site with hundreds, if not thousands of pages, it is easy to forget the based principles.

Bigger is better

Is Your Content a Turnoff?Some other elements that will make a big different is the usage of larger fonts. I notice that way to many sites use very small fonts on their site. There is no reason to use fonts that are under 14 points of size. If they are smaller then 14pt it is hard on the eyes and also a huge turnoff when people have to “work” harder to read your content. So I repeat: Your font should be at least 14 points. For your visitors this makes it an easier and more pleasant reading experiene.

Break your content into different sections. That will mean you are using more paragraphs and more sub headings in your posts. This makes your content not only more organized, but also much easier to digest. People do not want to read a huge wall of text. So always make it easier for them by breaking up the text into some more consumable pieces.

We all love pictures!

Is Your Content a Turnoff?Pictures! It  might seem like you are catering to preschoolers, but the truth is that all people want to be engaged through all possible senses. Why are the online videos on Youtube so popular? Because it engages more senses. So an very easy step to take is to add some pictures to your content, just like in this post! If you can create videos for youtube and embed them into your content and site, all the better! Videos has a even better effect then pictures.

Be a Leader to your visitors. You would not believe how lazy people really are… including myself. We need to be lead almost at all times. For your site this means placing clear call-to-action buttons and links in relevant places to help directing us deeper into the site. There is also a bonus to this. Research have shown that the more people are engage and click around a website, the more likely they also are to buy something.

A lot of this simply isn’t rocket science, its just contains the basic fundamentals any content creation MUST be based on. This steps are not just about keeping your visitors engaged, it means that you are building a more personal connection with your visitors, and thus generating more revenue from your potential customers..

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