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Keyword Research With Google Adwords Keyword tool [QuickTip]

Finding the right keywords for the niches you wish to dominate on the net is a critical step towards big success. Without determining the keywords that your targeted audience uses to find the products or services you want to market, you can not properly optimize your site for those keywords. And if you simply don’t do that, your online business might as well not exist.

It are keywords that always enable your customers to find you. So let us take a closer look at some of the basic strategies involved in finding the right set of keywords you always need to optimize your affiliate site.

Always Use the Google AdWords Keywords tool
You can find many great keyword tools that can offer you good comprehensive keyword research services. Some are free, but most of them are not. But one of the best that I still swear by is Google’s very own AdWords keywords tool. This one is free and it is highly reliable.

There are a few steps you have to take before you get a precise set of keywords you want with this awesome tool. Let us assume you have already signed up for a free Google AdWords keywords tool. Here is how to dig for those desired keywords.

Step 1: The Key in the primary set of keywords or phrases for your products or services in ‘Word or phrase’ part.
For example, if you are running a keyword research for the affiliate marketing business that has to do with e-readers from Japan, key in the terms “e-readers from Japan.” Always place your keywords within quotes while searching for them. This narrows down the actual results and gives more reliable information.

Step 2: Choose only exact match types in the “Match Types” part on the left sidebar of the Keyword Tool page.
Choosing only “exact matches” will let you see a more precise amount of searches that occur on a monthly basis for the (different) specific keywords that relate to the term “e-readers from Japan.”

Step 3: Click on “Advanced Options and Filters” just below the word or phrase are.
Selecting the targeted country. If you are targeting the entire online market (worldwide), then choose the option All Countries within ‘locations and languages’. On the other hand, you can also choose a specific country or state to see how many searches are happening on a monthly base in, lets say, the U.S. for the terms you will be researching and targeting.

Selecting the volume of your competition. In the “Filter ideas” section, click on ‘Competition’ and choose “Low” to display results for keywords only with low competition. After that, click on the search button.

There is an excellent reason why you should mostly choose keywords that only have low competition. First of all, if you are an affiliate that is competing in a very competitive market, it might take somewhere between four to six months before you see your first commission show up. Second of all, choosing only keywords with low competition is much easier to rank for. Some could even rank you on the search engines within a matter of days.

Assuming you have chosen keywords with low competition, put your priority on those with a higher number of (10.000+) searches, but do not discount the ones with just a couple of hundred keywords.

There you have it. A quick and very easy affiliate marketing strategy about how-to find the right keywords for your online campaigns. Repeat these three steps when you prepare all of your campaigns and you will find that competing online is rather easy, once you have identified a quality set of keywords..

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