17 Reasons To Ignore Everybody and Follow Your Dreams

“What is not started today is never finished tomorrow.”

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Here are 17 reasons why you should follow your dreams:

If you don’t follow your dreams you crush your dreams. Eventually you’ll stop dreaming altogether.
There are very few things worse than regret. What will you regret tomorrow that you didn’t do today?
Dreamers who took action have created everything around you.
Following your dreams doesn’t always turn out as planned, but that makes them even more memorable.
Personal growth happens when you stretch yourself. If you don’t follow your dreams you’re not stretching.
You want to be remembered. Everybody does. We remember those who follow their dreams.
Doing what you want attracts haters. This gives you a change to ignore them. They hate that more than anything. Keep doing what you do. (In case that wasn’t clear: Don’t ever engage haters. It’s not worth your time. Let them be losers.)
Your dreams and your actions define you. If you do what others tell you to do then you’re letting them define you.
Following your dreams gives you the opportunity to Ignore Everybody.
When people who look up to you see you following your dreams it will inspire some of them to follow their dreams.
When people who don’t even know you see you following your dreams it will inspire some of them to follow their dreams as well. (<– This is one of the reasons I write publicly on this website.) Following your dreams makes you interesting. You learn a lot from failure. Since you will fail on your path you’ll learn a lot too. Someone who’s motivated to accomplish something great is instantly sexier. There are no rules in life so why limit yourself to what everybody else is doing? You might live forever, but you might also die tomorrow. Take a chance. It’s better than watching TV. I’m gonna continue following my crazy dreams. How about you?.

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