Is Changing Your Habits The Secret To Remove Distractions?

Is Changing Your Habits The Secret To Remove Distractions?

These days, we come across more distractions than ever before. From Social Media, Advertising to Technology and many more, we never had so many different things to combat our minds for total control. And when I talk about control, just try to remember the last time that you might have spaced out during an infomercial that you came across, totally got caught up in some Facebook drama or that you found yourself submerged in a ocean of photos on Instagram.

I feel ya. I have been there more than I am willing to admit. If you can not relate to this issue and your focus is laser targeted. Congratulations to you! It is an every day battle of endless ideas, thoughts, monetization plans, strategies, media buying plans and too much other shit that was constantly battling for my psyche. Let’s tack on the fact that I coach numerous affiliate marketeers, on the road a lot, work out and whatever pass time with the thing that I love.

But, one of the biggest distractions that come across for me has been technology. From new devices to social media. I have seen more emails from Entrepreneurs, reaching out for my advise on trying to eliminate these problems over the last 12 months, than any other topic like quality traffic generation techniques. Technology is not just a compulsion anymore. For most people, technology has become their biggest addiction.

The term you have to see it, to believe it. I started to live by that. If I do not experience something myself, you are much better off trying to find a monkey that is fucking a football than to ingrain what you have to say into my brain. It is not that I am trying to be rude, I just choose to do most thing on my own.

Which led me to today’s lesson – Is Changing Your Habits The Secret To Remove Distractions.

The secret to remove all your distractions does not lie in the foods you eat nor the supplements you take. It is not in the raw plants and animals you might be digesting to “consume” their energy source.

The secret to remove distractions is all about the habits you create and stick to throughout your routines.

It’s harsh, but very true. I am currently managing multiple businesses online and have been doing this long enough to know that it REALLY IS that simple.

If you have a list of things that you were supposed to be doing every day, and that list was right in front of your face, than unless you somehow become illiterate during foggy moments, it is pretty difficult to mess everything up. Correct?

So here is a obvious quicktip – Find a pen and notepad.

Or if you are more advanced, use the notepad on your phone.

Eating right, mood swings or you energy levels – nothing of this actually matters when it comes to distractions. Although, how you feel at a certain point does reflect on your character, will power and your work ethic, I know some of the people who live the healthiest lifestyle possible and they can not break their video game or social media  addictions and mindless web surfing.

I can tell you why you are doing this as well. People are always mindlessly surfing around on the Internet for rewards.

See as people, we have this desire to socially connect with others. To be accepted as a part of a community. To be heard. To be fucking rewarded!

We constantly crave for rewards, praise and compliments. Why do you think that so many people post all of their stuff on social media websites? We have become a mass society of people that are running around trying to make ourselves feel good, without truly understanding why we are actually doing it. Scientifically, people do this because of their dopamine neurotransmitter. In our brains, dopamine functions as our rewards system.

Think about it for just a minute. People watch porn to satisfy their craving for arousal. Others use it as a simple way to connect. Same goes with social media. How about the last time you got yourself a new mobile phone? Did you Google for reviews? Ask your friends for advise? Take it to social media? We did not do any of this like this 10 years ago, and there is really no one here to guide us on what to do and what we shouldn’t do.

There is also a scary thing – the more you will use all the services and products, and the more time these things will start to habitually alter your everyday behavior – the more your actions will become more and more engineered. You will automatically start to devote more of your precious time to it and you will never realize until (You are in already too deep).

Well, you are much stronger than that and I will be radically honest when I say that You have NO clue on how strong you really are. You do not realize yet how much actual potential you really have by giving up the random shit that is not essential and putting your full focus and energy on DOING the things that IS essential.

Where you should go from here? You probably got a few hours left today to put your life into the right perspective.

Then starting from tomorrow, you only got less than 8,000  hours left in 2014 to put this into practice.

Considering you also sleep from time to time, I knocked off 7 hrs daily, so if you are working hard everyday for rest of 2014 at 17 hours per day, you are now down to less than 5,800 hours which you can dedicate to doing what is essential and reaping the rewards from it..

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