Daily Routine Of The World’s Greatest Achievers

What is your daily routine looks like compared to those of history’s greatest achievers?

Information that we can trust went viral with this intriguing visual breakdown.

It highlights the daily routine of important successful figures like Charles Darwin, Benjamin Franklin, Sigmund Freudand several other legendary pioneers of history.

(Click Here To Download The Infographic: 4MB ZIP File)Daily Routine Of The World’s Greatest Achievers

(Click Here To Download The Infographic: 4MB ZIP File)

Whose schedule does yours resemble? 

Infamously Creative

Charles Darwin was excelled in short bursts, his most important work ticked off before noon. This was alongside a final surge of productivity as he was awake in his bed, presumably with a extremely frustrated wife next to him.

You can probably imagine their pillow talk.

Ludwig van Beethoven started his morning as early as 6am and he prepared coffee with no less than 60 beans per single cup — which were counted one by one for the ensuring the perfect brew — then embarked on a gruelling total of eight hours which he was composing.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart sauntered through his morning taking a full hour just to get dressed. His greatest music came from only four hours of continues creative output: two hours in the morning and two before he went off to bed.

Some Random Thoughts:

What this infographic teaches us about creative routine?

There isn’t anything like a universal creative routine.

Our personal body clocks are unique.

Another false affiliate myth is that you must dedicate your complete life to the grind if you really want to achieve something big. That is simply not true.

Some of the all-time greatest examples on the infographic produced their magnum opus in just short bursts of highly productive work.

Quality always beats quantity..

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