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The Reason Why You Shouldn’t Buy From Your Own Clickbank Hoplink

I receive a lot of questions about using your own hoplink for rebate purposes… here is the answer… directly from Clickbank

“While it is of course possible for you to use your own HopLink to purchase any product from the ClickBank marketplace, this is a practice that we highly discourage because it can lead to several payment issues for your clickbank account.

Please always be aware of the Customer Distribution Requirement, which is stating that your account must reflect sales that are made with at least 5 different credit card numbers, and the sales must have been made with at least two different payment methods (either MasterCard, Visa, or PayPal). Important: All PayPal purchases are not included in the minimum of 5 different credit card numbers.

This restriction is in place to help prevent regular users and affiliates from abusing the ClickBank Affiliate Program by using their own accounts for the sole purpose of collecting discounts on their own ClickBank product purchases.

Although this Customer Distribution Requirement only needs to be met once for each and every account, ClickBank is continually monitoring all affiliate accounts to help prevent users from abusing the ClickBank Affiliate Program. Affiliate accounts are solely for earning commissions on the sales from other Clickbank customers, certainly not yourself.

Please note that if your Clickbank account is ever found to be violating this Client Contract, your account will be terminated and any remaining funds that are earned through purchases through your own HopLink can be held by Clickbank.

You may review the Clickbank accounting policies by following this link:

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