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Hearing Aid Affiliate Program

Hearing Aid Affiliate Program

Hearing protection and Hearing Aid Affiliate Program may be another niche that you have never considered before. this market is highly competitive and the high-end products pay huge commissions per sale!

Pro Ears

Hearing Aid Affiliate ProgramPro Ears is the world’s leading manufacturer  for electronic ear and hearing protection for shooting guns, hunting outdoors and industrial applications. Their superior technology allows the most competitive shooter, hunter and law enforcement agent  to pick up every sound, including from conversations, even during many high volume noise spikes.  Pro Ears electronic earmuffs achieve the perfect balance between comfort, noise attenuation and the best purity of sound. There are no compromises made!

Affiliate Commissions:  25% commission per sale (Products range from $200-$1600).

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Hearing Aid Affiliate ProgramSeveral manufacturers claim that their hearing aids are fully digital, giving potential buyers false information that the hearing aid contains a computer chip, when in fact the device’s analog circuitry is only programmed digitally. The HearPod® difference is what makes this the best hearing aid on the market. All of the HearPod® hearing aids are 100% digital.

HearPod® hearing aids are the result of the successful culmination of 30 years of solving the specific needs of hearing impaired people. HearPod® hearing aids are 100% digital, full-featured, and these hearing aids have the most advanced noise canceling and sound amplification computer chips that are currently available. Their  unique design also reduces the sound feedback inside the ear, thereby making the HearPod® hearing aids among the most comfortable to wear.

Affiliate Commissions:  10% commission per sale (Products cost over $1000).

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More Hearing Aid Affiliate Program will follow soon!.

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