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Private Jet Affiliate Programs

Private Jet Affiliate Programs

Private Jet Chartering currently is an exploding business as commercial air traveling is becoming more regulated and troublesome. Prosperous people nowadays are choosing to rent an entire aircraft instead of just a few individual seats and… dealing with traditional airlines and the security gauntlet that is surrounding the airports. You can be cashing in big time being an affiliate in this rapidly growing lucrative business that is Private Jet Charters.

1. Jet Charter Media

Affiliate Commission: They offer commission plus a interesting bonus plan.  Jet Charter Media is paying $275 for every lead itinerary that will result in a turbo-prop or jet booking.

Bonuses: For every two bookings that are paid within any given calendar month, you as an affiliate partner will receive a bonus payment, besides your initial commission, of $200. For every $200 bonus payment that you receive, you will also receive a $500 credit towards the purchase of a jet card or a private jet booking that can be booked through the site.

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2. Black Jets

Affiliate Program:  It is best if you contact the affiliate manager for specific details about this program.  It is very lucrative but the number of customer options might complicate the commission structure.

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3. Air Broker Net Jet Charter 

Affiliate Program: Air Broker Net is considered to be a leader in the Private Aircraft Charter Services.  Being an very exclusive Air Charter Broker Service, they are working with a expansive global network of certified operators and airports. Think of this firm as it is your own personal booking agent and air travel coordinator that will provide you with a various range of carefully selected aircrafts that meet the highest safety standards for both private and executive air traveling.

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