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This Is How I Spend $50 And Made $11,976 In ONE Day. (See It Step By Step!)

This Is How I Spend $50 And Made $11.976 In ONE Day. (See It Step By Step!)

It was sunday and I was extremely bored. Supposedly I had my “day off” because I had such a busy week, but I just could not sit still and just had to do something.

I started looking for new tools that I can try for my affiliate marketing campaigns and I came across this website called What you can do with this website is nothing more than buying tools for your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Normally I don’t hesitate to get involved with this kind of websites. However, it was worth a short because what if it DOES work, right?

My full attention went to  “Buy 200.000 Email Addresses“.

I have no clue how much time you spend on your list building techniques, but before you have 200.000 email addresses, it will take you several months, if not, years before you get close to such amounts.

Anyways, I decided to give it a try since the investment was only $50. I figured that if 0.1% of the 200K was going to buy from my promotion, that I still would be in the profit zone.(0.1% of 200K = 200. 200 x $10 commission = $2000 profit)

My expectations were that I would make $100 / $200 from this list. But the real results blew my head off.

(You can see the results of the campaign below!)

What I did, Step By Step.

Step 1: I bought the 200.000 Email Addresses for $50

Step 2: I’ve set up a new Clickbank account and looked for a product to promote in the Clickbank Marketplace with high Grav.

Step 3: I imported the email addresses to Mailchimp. (If you don’t have Mailchimp or Aweber etc. Then I recommend that you try PHPList, a free opensource newsletter system)

Step 4: I created the campaign
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Step 5: Campaign was send to 200.000 people & The commissions were earned!

All of this I did in less than 30 minutes!

The Campaigns Results

The results that I got from that one list are truly amazing!

To sum it all up:

90.8% of the total 200.000 opened the campaign with the offer.

57% Clicked on the affiliate link to learn more about the product

0.08% of the email addresses on the list did not exist anymore

5.6% of the 200.000 unsubscribed from receiving further campaigns.

Mailchimp Affiliate Marketing Campaign Results
Mailchimp Affiliate Marketing Campaign Results

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The $$$ Results

In just one day, from that silly $50 email address list that I bought. I earned $11.976! It blew my mind!

clickbank earnings screenshot

I pay big bucks for my Mailchimp account, so I was lucky that I could send the entire campaign at once. If you have a smaller account then you should just split the campaign into multiple days and manually manage your subscribers. Or go for another newsletter system that fits your needs.

Lesson Learned

I never expected this list, that I found by complete coincidence, to be a HUGE success. It just comes to show that you can make money online just by taking a wild guess. It doesn’t take rocket science to buy a email list en to create a campaign.

Don’t be afraid to try something impulsive and completely different. It might pay off!.

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