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Couponing – The New Affiliate Marketing?

Couponing - The New Affiliate Marketing?

Coupons are massive these days. Why wouldn’t they be when everyone can get something much cheaper for the same stuff offered by other shops sold at a regular prices?

Personally I adore coupons and online deals! I really hate to admit this, but I developed a bad habit of ‘accidentally’ buy something online whenever I see it is offered at a cheaper price. But honestly, wouldn’t you either? Especially if the deal ends at exactly midnight, right? LOL!

I bet every single one of us can relate to being an impulsive buyer at times that we are offered with pretty irresistible deals. Even more if that deal expires in a just few hours. The “now or never” deal has pushed most of us to spending unnecessary money, even if that money has to come from our well-kept savings.

Well my friends, that is how coupons simply work. And they are very effective when it comes to getting buyers and increasing sales.

Most of us are familiar with the printed coupons, those that you normally see in the magazines or newspapers. You hand them over in the store of origin and you will get a discount on your purchase.

These days, you can also see a lot of authority websites offering coupons for their customers. In fact, there are already many sites dedicated only to distributing coupons for customers looking for nice discounts.

My article today focuses on online coupons and how you as a affiliate marketer can benefit from it. So let us get all the juicy facts shall we?!

How popular is couponing exactly these days?

I feel exited today and thought I would provide you with some very interesting facts about couponing and it’s emerging popularity online and then I found this:

A survey from CouponCabin, a dedicated online coupon site with a giant database of coupons from different brands and products. Their survey revealed that in the United States alone, nearly all (95%) said they used a coupon before. 46% of the surveyed people said they use coupons very often, while 30% said only sometimes and 18% said that they rarely use coupons.

Their survey also revealed that nearly one-third (29%) of adults, living in US, who ever use coupons called themselves opportunists. They apparently have zero loyalty when it comes to online shopping and only buy products that are promoted with coupons or other daily deals.

These survey information shows how people now regarded coupons as a necessity when it comes to purchasing goods and services. Obviously, coupons have become a massive advantage to customers and product owners.

The advantages of couponing in affiliate marketing.

Apart from this, coupons are also very good and yet undiscovered money-making tools for affiliate marketers. Let me tell you how:

  • Coupons serve as powerful marketing tools to attract new and existing customers. Some affiliate marketers find success in using coupons in their marketing campaigns. Coupons attracts a lot of people who are willing to buy. So coupons are making more sales in return. The same thing can also be said for vendors, who also might find coupons useful in increasing their overall sales.
  • Affiliate marketers can use coupons to gather more specific user information. If you have used an coupon before, you might have noticed that sites that are offering coupons ask their customers to fill-up a quick web form first before availing the discount. This form may contain user information such as location, age, gender, etcetera which marketers use to target their marketing efforts in order to increase their sales.

Ok, I have to admit that building your own coupon site might be a bit overwhelming, not to mention a huge time investment considering you are competing with many authority coupon sites like FatWallet and CouponSurfer.

But I am the type of person who rather chooses to be positive and confident all the time. So when you are looking at the bright side of this, believe it or not: Some of the authority coupon sites started out (and some remain so), a one-man operation.

That being said might make it not impossible to start your very own successful couponing site. It may be challenging and a big time investment yes. But when you have discipline to do this then you should also know that coupon sites can provide you with good very income when it’s a success.

“A journey of one thousand miles, begins with a first step” –Lao Tzu

Take advice from the famous Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu who said: “A journey of one thousand miles, begins with a first step”.

Do not tend to compete with the authority couponing sites or pour all your saving and time trying to build the same site as they have. Instead you start at the very bottom and work your ass up. As Lao Tzu says, taking steps will eventually get you there (it might just take some time).

You need to realize that successful affiliate marketers not just earn money fast; it is also about creating a stable income with affiliate marketing in the long run.

I do agree that it is a good to earn big bucks fast. But most of us (including myself) prefer to earn a more stable income and to last longer in the business amidst all the challenges that might come along the way.

What are your options?

Fortunately, you can still have your own coupon site without the struggle of competing with authority coupon sites. This are a few of your options :

  • Create a niche coupon site.

Since there are many coupon sites out there, odds are you will definitely find it very hard to compete with them starting from the basic keyword selection. valued keywords like coupons, online deals, online coupons and so on are all extremely high in competition.

Start with a smaller niche coupon website wherein you can get the long tail keywords that are of less competition. In some time, you might then build more niche coupon websites and before you realize it you are can be earning as much as what the bigger players in the industry are also making.

And who knows, if you already own the money and have gathered enough knowledge and required experience in building coupon websites, you can start expanding the same authority coupon site of your own.

  • Offer coupons on your blog.

Offering coupons on a blog that is dedicated to customer information is another great option. You can write about popular shopping malls or provide readers tips in getting good deals online. There is a huge stream of information that you can share out there. Additionally you can place coupon banners on your pages or insert coupon links in your articles.

What is great about this is if you pull this off, meaning that you successfully established your niche blog as an authority site (with a lot of good and unique content), you won’t need to compete with big coupon websites at all in the SERPs since good and unique content will always attract direct visitors.

Extra Tips:

When it comes to building your own coupon site, you should really consider the following pointers:

  • Choosing a domain name- I have already mentioned before that there is a ton of competition when it comes to keywords like coupons. Just search online and you will find too much coupon sites with the keyword ‘coupons’ in their domain-name. Thus, instead of using this keyword in your domain name, do your best to create a name that is easy-to-remember and most of all brand-able.
  • Start a newsletter- Always have a opt-in newsletter set-up on your coupon site. This helps you create your list in time by constantly providing your subscribers with good deals.
  • Quality content- You don’t need to promote or earn money in every post you make. What is more important is that you provide your readers good and quality content in every single post you make – focus on keeping them interested. Thus, it is okay (sometimes) to make a content about something that is seen as relevant to your niche and to direct your visitors to another site.
  • Inform your audience properly- Although coupon sites are more of becoming a trend, there are still a lot of buyers who don’t know how to use coupons on the internet. Thus, it is very important that you have a FAQ page set-up. Additionally you can create a short video tutorial. This helps a lot better in explaining things.

Others might consider coupon affiliate marketing as a super saturated industry. But let’s face the truth: Reality currently points out that the economy is pretty tight these days and also that many people find it difficult to juggle the problems with higher taxes and tighter credits for example.

Despite all of these, we still have our basic necessities. So it is inevitable to make purchases. And the one good relief we have to save money is to search for coupon promo codes. So yes, despite this being an over-saturated market, there is still enough room for coupon affiliate marketing as long as there is a high demand.

To end this article here: I really hope that I have shared something new with you. If you really want to step up your game and stand out of the competition then go and look for information about niche coupon sites.

Also, feel free to let me know your ideas and thoughts by dropping your comment below this page. Cheers!.

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