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8 Excellent Ways to Cloak ClickBank Hoplinks

Link cloaking is the process of “disguising” your affiliate link by essentially covering it up behind another link.

For example:

instead of your normal Clickbank HopLink showing up like this…

When you cloaked a link, it would look something like this…

The cloaked link is referred to the original HopLink while it is still providing your commission for any sales that you made with your Hoplink.

Why Should You Cloak HopLinks?

  • To prevent your ClickBank nickname from being visible to everyone.
  • To completely disguise ClickBank affiliation. Some sites blocked ClickBank HopLinks.
  • So your Clickbank HopLink does’t appear as a affiliate link to people, search engines and other sites.
  • To simply make your links a lot shorter, look cleaner, and branded to your site.
  • It helps you prevent commission hijacking.

ClickBank HopLink Shield

The ClickBank HopLink Shield is the standard tool within ClickBank’s Marketplace which encrypts the nickname for the affiliate and vendor in your HopLink.

As a result of this encryption, the ClickBank HopLink Shield will generate a link that looks similar to this example:

This Hoplink encryption can also be decoded to see the affiliate and vendor nicknames using ClickBank’s own HopLink decoder tool.

Affiliates and vendor who want another encryption with their own cloaking options can use various other methods.

What to look for?

There are many different link cloaking options available, including free WordPress plugins and online cloaking services.

Choosing the best HopLink cloaking method will depend on your personal needs and wishes. To help you, we have provided a list of the best HopLink cloaking tools available. Read through our list below to see which HopLink cloaking tool is best for you.

Link Cloaking WordPress Plugins:

  • Pretty Link
    Pretty Link WordPress plugin allows their users to create clean and simple URLs using their own domain that redirects to any other external URL. This plugin also tracks the cloaked link clicks and provides a very detailed report of which link the referred visitor came from.
  • WPShorties
    WPShorties WordPress plugin is an simple URL shortener for (affiliate) link cloaking and click-tracking. This free plugin offers additional features such as the ability to open multiple URLs with a single click, as well as multi-directional distribution, which allows users to send a percentage of visitors to one destination while sending the remaining percentage to another.
  • Simple URLs
    Simple URLs is a complete URL management system that allows you create, manage, and track outbound links from your site.  This easy to use WordPress plugin also keeps track of clicks on all your links.

Self-Hosted Scripts:

  • Easy Redirect Script
    Easy Redirect Script allows users to quickly create redirect URLs using their own website domain. The program can be installed on any website and is loaded with other features. One standout feature is the Stealth Page, which forces the redirect URL to display in the browser’s address bar. The program comes complete with stats tracking, SEO options, categories & descriptions, along with tool tips and excellent documentation.
  • Link Supercharger
    Link Supercharger is an easy to install program that allows users to create custom redirect links using their own website domain.  Link Supercharger also tracks link clicks and allows link destinations to be edited once they are created. The program also includes a page creation tool, SEO link options and social button features.
  • ClickBank HopLink Cloaker
    ClickBank’s HopLink Cloaker is a custom script that allows users to cloak the ClickBank HopLink. The script sends the visitor to a URL of your domain instead of ‘’. Both a HTML and PHP version is available.

Online Cloaking Services:

  • Improvely
    Improvely is a complete web-based marketing platform that allows users to cloak affiliate links, as well as control the URL display in the browser address bar. The program comes complete with tracking analytics, click fraud detection and blocking, split testing tools, email notifications and more.
  • LinkTrackr
    LinkTrackr is a powerful web-based link cloaking and link tracking software that lets affiliates easily mask links and track sales conversions. The program also allows users to split test.
  • LinkShield
    LinkShield offers a high level of protection against affiliate commission theft by allowing users to create secured links and cloaked links for their affiliate links. One benefit of LinkShield is that you do not need to own your own website to use LinkShield’s cloaking.

That’s our list of top HopLink cloaking solutions. If you have a HopLink cloaking method you would like to share, please use the comment section below to tell us about it!.

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