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Pre-selling Example

Pre-selling Example

I want to share a highly effective pre-selling technique that will turn your product offering into a direct NEED in the mind of your visitors. I get a lot of questions about how I pre-sell people on affiliate products. Let me give you a pre-selling example!

When a person feels a certain “pain” that they want to solve, they do not always see a clear path right to the solution.

For example: a average guy – let’s call him John – might feel he has a problem getting a date. He thinks that the problem is clear enough: “no dates for John”; and the desired outcome is also quite clear clear: “more dates for John”.

Now, from a clear marketing point of view, it might seem the best way to come along at that point and present your affiliate product “Get More Dates” to him as offering that clear path to achieve his goal.

But that is not necessarily true.

The problem may not be exactly what it seems.

For another guy, lets call him Joe, the solution to this problem of not having enough dates might be rather simple for him to solve without buying guidance products like eBooks – he might just need to get outside more!

But for John, the problem can be more complex. The possibilities are that he is shy, has a lack of confidence or doesn’t know what to do and say to to someone get a date in the first place, or what to say to keep the conversions going on the date itself.

For John, “getting out more” is not the final solution – although it might help him!

Yet he may not be fully conscious of the complexity of his problem, and thus the need for a solution that involves a bit more than simply glib advice to him like “just get out more”.

This is where your pre-sell material must come in.

If you wanted to pre-sell a “Get More Dates” information product to John, You would want to first help him with insights in what is involved in solving the key problem of getting those dates.

Of course, this definitely means knowing your target audience in the first place;  presumably, people who might be interested in a “Get More Dates” product might have some low self-esteem issues, a lack of confidence, maybe a lack of social skills, etc.

And glib nonsense like “just try to be yourself” is not going to help them at all, is it?… if “just being themselves” means lacking in confidence, being shy, not having a well-developed social skills, etc.

Remember that your pre-sell story must help your readers to identify the TRUE nature of their problem.

For John, the real problem is not a “lack of dates”. That is just the consequence and symptom of the actual problem, which might be a combination of: not knowing what to say, lack of social skills, shyness, lack of confidence, fear of rejection.

Help your readers to see the true nature of their problem, and what is involved in solving it.

Do this evenly in your pre-sell pages, to the point where they fully recognize and accept the true nature of their problem.

Here is the key benefit for YOU of doing this:

Don’t make them only aware of the true nature of the problem, but also help them accept it, they will become more aware and more ready to accept the “true” solution that you offer with your (affiliate) product.

If you do not bother doing this pre-selling method, and just directly shove your product in their face when they still think that their problem is simply “a lack of dates” you force them to dismiss your pitch, saying to themselves, “I do not need a product. It is not that big of a problem!”

By “extending the problem” in your pre-sell material, and getting to the true nature of any problem, you are helping them to recognize what is really involved in solving it, meaning they will become much more open to accepting your solution.

Oh, and a cool side effect of this process is that you will be seen as “the expert” in the niche, their “go to” person, because it was YOU who revealed these new insights to them!

It was YOU who helped them to get to the bottom of their problem, so it is only natural for them to think that YOU own the solution!

The key to success with pre-sell stories ALWAYS starts with identifying and decomposing the actual pain someone is having. Don’t look at only the result of a certain problem but dig deeper to what actually is the cause of this problem.

I am really looking forward in receiving a comment from you (below this page) about this article!.

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