Is Backlinking Still Working For Good SEO?

Google is often attacking backlinks. If your page is crawled today, it might be uncrawled again tomorrow. The worst thing is that today you can be number 1 and tomorrow you will be completely out of sight. Is Google messing around with your search engine optimization?

This happens simply because SEO is not as simple anymore as it used to be. It isn’t just ordinary creating a site and getting a few backlinks, no more, no less. The Google updates Panda and Penguin have changed the way SEO is taking its path. It is now a game of “Who is having the best online marketing strategies”.

We may have a few good reasons to fear Panda as it immediately affected 12% of the global search results from the first day it was implemented. However, what about the Penguin update that scraped out all the low quality links, unnatural inbound links, bad quality directory listing, and the overkill of site-wide inbound links? Indeed, when working with SEO we must also consider all the Penguin guidelines.

Back linking still works these days with your SEO, provided you will follow the following rules:

Create Links to Build Better Relationships

Links are not just mere highlighted keywords stuffed in an article or a website. With modern SEO relevance is the key for a perfect link. The first step is that you choose the site carefully where you will post your link. The website where you post your link(s) must be credible and reliable for it’s visitors. All so that it’s visitors will have  great potential of becoming also your visitors. Also, choose a website who already has authority and good quality quality content.

Best Places to Place your Links?

From now on footer and sidebar links can cause big damage to you rankings and too much site wide links are immediatly penalized by Penguin.  It is recommended to put all your links anchored within your content. But try make it look very natural. Don’t place some random links in your content because Penguin works smarter then we all actually know.

How About Branded links?

Right after Penguins update where the Exact Match Domain (EMD) strategy was penalized, the advanced algorithm of Google for Page Ranks were changed for optimization of brand names. Why not!? This will make your company brand, business name and any other name become famous in the internet crossing every boarder.

What To Do About Articles With Links?

Quality articles has always been stressed by Google Panda updates. The (unnatural) link detection of both Panda and Penguin knows where you are putting all the links. In this strategy the team Google Algorithm Team is working together. So when you are writing content you must think about your readers needs because when it is not useful for them, it will never be useful for (any) search engines.

Make all your keywords relevant to the article, and make your article relevant to the website’s topic. The main goal of an article is to channel your reader to browse over your other pages. You can add subtle Call To Action buttons to navigate your user where to go after reading a valuable post.

Do Follow and No Follow Links

Beating SEO competition is not just with Dofollow links. Simply because no follow links can also generate traffic for the website. However, one must monitor the ration of dofollow links over nofollow links.

Creating a link building strategy is the most essential step in getting good ranks in Google. SERPS can still read beyond your keywords provided that it will follow the new Penguin rules of good back linking. It is the very starting point if you want to play along in the SEO game. Winning however does not include trying to trick Google Panda and Penguin’s update. Back linking still works very well, but you have to work a lot harder to aim for good quality in both links and content.



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