Top 5 SEO Trends For The Year 2013

In complete honesty, the Internet’s environment has had some major impacts on how business is conducted these days. However, as you probably already noticed in the past few years, a company’s online presence is not enough anymore to guarantee its success and to become profitability. With the mobile environment claiming more ground on the Internet every single day, it is safe to make a statement that the SEO techniques have changed significantly and rapidly in the past couple of years.
In fact, the best way to raise minimum awareness about your business and to expand your client database consists of solely using componential SEO methods. Considering the major search engines constantly update their algorithms. The essential key to maintaining your company’s online visibility implies on keeping up with the latest SEO trends and implementing them correctly and fast.

The Dominant SEO Trends of 2012

With 2012 over and forgotten, now is a good time to take a moment and to review the SEO methods that provided itself to be most efficient in ensuring businesses, online popularity and clientele. Another reason why this review is really necessary is the fact that most of the SEO techniques implemented in 2012 will be very likely to function just as proficiently in 2013. Let’s summarize the most notable changes in SEO that happened in 2012.

  • The mobile search results have increased exponentially, not only due to the convenience of it, but also because the smartphone market has became a lot more affordable in 2012
  • 2012 marked the foreseen end of the (ridiculous) long articles filled with keywords, while search engines finally began to value quality over quantity
  • With Apple’s Siri and Google Voice gaining more popularity, a new search method emerged, named the voice search feature
  • Contrary to some earlier predictions, the social networks did play a great role in SEO. Especially for the companies that carefully select their content they are about to share.
  • The majority of the search engines have now integrate personalized search functions Snippets to gain more SEO value
  • The old-fashioned link building techniques have known a big decline and earning valuable links is the new kid on the block

Top 5 SEO Trends for 2013

No matter if you are a SEO expert or a newbie, it is very important to note that in the search engine marketing world you never should get too comfortable with just one single strategy. If there is one thing that is constant about the SEO, then that would be the fact that methods are always changing and evolving into something completely new and, most of the times at least, a lot better. Considering all the changes that occurred in the past year(s) within the online environment, here are 5 very possible changes predicted to happen in the SEO niche in 2013.

Press Releases will give more (Author) Credibility

If you pay a closer look at the current SEO trends, you will quickly realize that press releases are already becoming as important as blogging itself. In fact, businesses that currently already employ them in their SEO strategy stated that a press releases can easily convert targeted traffic as well as appeal to different media channels, 2 aspects that will bting the company more credibility. Given these 2 reasons, and considering that press release can be marked as fully organic content, it is simple to understand why their importance may increase in the upcoming months of 2013.

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Businesses will be investing more in Organic Search Marketing

Ironically, even though just about 90% of the webmasters SEO budget goes to PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns, in plain reality the vast majority of sales stem from organic search results. Of course, the PPC will get you very fast in top positions of the results, but these results have a very limited lifespan. Since all the information will be visible at the end of this year, it is estimated that webmasters in 2013 will allocate a lot more than 10% for organic search marketing.

Video Optimization

With YouTube already near in becoming the second largest search engine, video optimization is undeniable and becomes mandatory for success. Paying attention to the video content posted and making it attractive enough to share on the social networks will surely help in ranking a website well in both YouTube and Google.

The increasing value of Social Media sites like Pinterest

Perhaps it is the innovative means of showing content, but websites like Pinterest are becoming a lot more popular among users and also companies. Not to mention that they are highly appreciated by all the major search engines.

Google+ will play a leading role in SEO

Even though it did hit a few bumps in the road at first, Google+ has made its way to the top and became a very serious competition for Facebook and Twitter. Because Google+ is known to pick up a lot of targeted search traffic, you would be making a huge mistake to let this major advantage slip right through your fingers..

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