Google Just Unleashed Its Penguin 2.0 Update Today

Google Just Unleashed Its Penguin 2.0 Update Today

We are there again… Google just released version 2 of Penguin.

The very first update literally shook the entire internet. Webmasters had to completely re-invent themselves and fully embrace content marketing to their fullest. Google is very wise and is fully committed to their core mission of making the search engines friendlier and more useful for the user.

Honestly, we have had ample time to prepare for this update, as Matt Cutts announced this moment of its launch many times. For those who are a little worried, allow me to soothe you a just little bit by ensuring that update will only affect about 2.5% of the entire internet.

This 2.0 update will be more intense than the previous update version 1.0 of Google Penguin and it is specifically targeting the black hat spam. Spammers and black hat SEOs should really be worried this time. If you have been focusing on quality content, the end user, and have not participated in any black hat techniques, you ‘need not fear’!

As I was reading Matt Cutts’ site, I’ve learned some interesting terminology that was relatively unclear for me. I advise you to become more familiar with the following SEO terminology:

  • algorithm update
  • data refresh
  • index update

Do you know what these terms mean? Google Penguin v2.0 is an complete algorithm update. A “data refresh” is the regular process that Google uses to refresh the data within their existing algorithm. An “index” update is simply the seamless and day to day operation that refreshes or updates the Google index. It used to be quite noticeable, but now it is relatively seamless.

How do you feel about Google’s Penguin v2.0? Will this update affect your rankings and/or your content marketing strategies? Let us know in the comments below!.

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