SEO in 2013: 7 amazingly simple Factors which will Take The Lead

This time of year is appropriate for retrospection. We’re able to take an honest look at however things played out in 2012, and find new inspiration for trends and patterns that are presumably to dominate SEO in 2013.

2012 was rough for SEO specialists because of radical changes in Google’s algorithms, as well as several updates to Panda, as well as the introduction of penguin.  While content quality and incoming links still play major roles in organic rankings, let’s take a look at the opposite factors which will govern SEO in 2013.

2012: The Year of Change With Pandas and Penguins, Creating Extra Value, And The Rapid Emergence of Guest Posting

Before we have a tendency to dive into predictions for the SEO of this year, let’s recap the most important patterns of 2012.

  •  Though it was originally released in 2011, Google’s Panda algorithm went through multiple updates that kicked several low-quality websites out of the SERPs; tens of thousands of internet sites were affected.
  • Google released its penguin algorithm in April 2012, that changed the face of the entire industry, forcing several SEOs to adapt their ways and techniques. several firms that had engaged in penguin-unfriendly SEO techniques were removed from the search results because of Penguin, and companies that continued  to interact in these techniques saw their rankings disappear, usually without any warning.
  • Google got a lot of smarter, to the extent that it seems to be ready to distinguish between content that adds real worth and content that has been posted exclusively for SEO functions. “Value” became a very important subconscious issue — one that may dictate how Google perceives websites.
  • Guest blogging emerged to become a real in style technique of building credible links. techniques and ways for acquiring guest blog links surfaced across the internet.
  • Negative SEO became a hot topic of discussion, to the extent that Google responded by launching the disavow Link tool, that empowers webmasters to specify backlinks that ought to be discarded or discounted by Google once it evaluates links to their web site.
  • Of the exploited SEO ways that were ousted and degraded, anchor text over-use was the foremost distinguished. Remnants of internet sites that used “paid links” were kicked out too.

2013: The 7 Factors That Will Determine Your SEO Survival

If it were up to me, I’d merely specialise in creating extra value for the reader — because ultimately, that ought to be the goal of any website/blog. However, increasing competition might require you to use strategic practices in an exceedingly pragmatic approach to help your rise to the highest of the SERPs. Here are the techniques and strategies which will dominate the SEO landscape in 2013.

1. Quality of Content

Ultimately, it all comes all the way down to the quality and value of the content on your web site. Google has been very specific this year regarding good-quality content, and that we expect this trend to hold over in 2013 in full force.

By content quality, the criteria is:

  • Uniqueness of the content/topic
  • Resourcefulness and knowledge richness

2. Your Content Marketing

Content marketing is being pointed out as the next big thing. specialists have named it the new SEO. To an extent, this can be true. As a general rule, content marketing attracts backlinks, and adds more value for the user/reader. it\’s more difficult, because you have to to get a lot more content of prime quality, circulate it, and confirm your content gets published on a lote of different channels with ample social signals to increase your substantial SEO value.

Since Google takes unique and valuable content seriously, a solid content promoting strategy IS the key to rise above and to put your website to the next level SEO-wise.

3. Social Signals

After abundant dialogue and discussion, social signals have mostly been accepted as valid ranking factors. In 2013 (and most likely also within the years to follow), social signals can play a growing role. Shares, retweets, mentions, and maybe most significantly, +1’s are trophies each webmaster ought to be collecting.

4. AuthorRank

AuthorRank has emerged as a significant metric to decide SERPs, though studies regarding its value is still in progress. One factor that we are able to make sure of in 2013 is that AuthorRank will add quality and value to your web site, and it’ll be vitally important for each webmaster.

5. Localization

Google’s growing preference for native websites and data has become evident in several searches. It’s safe to assume 2013 we’ll witness in this during this preference. Websites that apply local SEO can expect higher rankings and visibility. This includes map information, listings, citations, and reviews on local info sites.

6. Mobile Browsers / Responsive Design

Although this doesn’t directly influence the ranking of a page, it’ll play a considerable role in your fortunes. Google was one among the primary companies to become responsive to this trend in internet browsing because of the growing presence of tablets and smartphones. Responsive style might not be a particular SEO issue, however, in terms of usability, it’s probably to be a extremely influential component to think about in 2013.

7. Media

Images and videos became staples on the net. We’ve systematically seen and concluded that relevant results that include videos and images get hierarchic over text-only content. The more emergence of media content is a very important development you’ll expect this year. It’s turning into essential to add relevant non-textual media to text content, because this adds value and makes your content extra resourceful.

The points above are some of the major trends and patterns that I believe (and discovered that) will play a leading role in SEO for 2013. What do you think that will influence SEO in the near future??.

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