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5 Killer Ways To Attract Your Readers Attention Instantly

Let’s see if you know the answer to this: What is the second upmost important part of your blog post besides the title?

The master of copywriting Eugene Schwartz quiet often spents an entire week on his first 50 words of a sales piece — that is only the headline and the opening paragraph.

Just imagine how disappointed you would be after creating a headline for your article, only to lose your readers with an opening that completely failed to carry the momentum. Having a brilliant headline combined with a very lame opening is like inviting your family into your house, only to slam the door right in their face when they approach.

That being said, here are five ways to directly open a conversation in your post that will directly capture the imagination of the reader and pull them deeper into the presented content.

1. Open With Asking a Question

Opening your article with a simple question is a rhetorical device (hence, the existence of “rhetorical questions”) that instantly creates curiosity and gets the reader thinking. Thinking about something equals active engagement with your writing, and that my dear reader is a very good thing!

2. Share Anecdotes or Quotes

A nice quote can work wonders when holding attention in those crucial opening seconds and Anecdotes are short stories that can get people laugh ing or immediately get them to the main point of your article.

3. Invoking the Mind’s Eye

Creating mental images in the reader their mind is one of the most powerful things you can do as a writer. So expressly engaging their imagination is a extremely powerful opening technique. Activate their mind’s eye by using words like ‘do you remember when,’ ‘imagine,’ ‘picture yourself,’ etcetera.

4. Use an Metaphor, Analogy or Simile

Metaphors, analogies and similes are also very powerful devices available when it comes to telling someone story in one single sentence. That makes this also a great way to capture the reader’s attention and also acts to provoke their mental imagery. This method will allow readers to reverse the psychology so it seems that they are telling a story to themselves.

5. Shocking Statistics

Starting with an interesting factoid is also a great method. People love reading interesting data, but only if it is unique information, startling, or even shocking. The statistics should also be directly relevant to the point of your article as well.


Bonus Tip: The third most important part of your articles is the closing part. A great way to close is to tie right back into your opening.


So, which of the five techniques did I NOT use in the opening to this article?.

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