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How You Can Write an Article in Just 30 Minutes

I try really not to spend more than 30 – 45 minutes per day on writing new articles. And I actually didn’t spend more than 20 minutes to write this article.

I do realize that this is writing profanity. But when you have a daily schedule to work with and an affiliate marketing business to run, You don’t have the time to spend hours polishing every single post or to write 2,000 word articles.

Writing articles quickly never means that you are compromising on writing well, though. I have got seven tips for you to get you in and out of that composition box in thirty minutes a day – without sacrificing any quality or whatsoever.

1. Maintain An Idea List.

When good inspiration for a article strikes, write it down somewhere immediately. For many blog owners and content creators, finding a good and quality topic to write about takes up at least half the time. Keeping some sort of idea list lets you leap in to a new post much quicker when you are ready to write.

2. Let All Your Ideas Incubate.

If you are forcing yourself to come up with supportive information for your brilliant idea right away, it will seriously take you forever. Let that current topic sit for a day or two, though, and you can add any new idea as they will occur to you – and when you are ready to write, you will already have all the supporting information that you need.

3. Editing before you start

You have probably got twice as many ideas as you actually need at this point, so it is time to be very brutal. Cut out any supporting idea that does not fit with the main topic of your article. Remember, we are talking about how to write an article in 30 minutes, not an epic. You can always use the ideas you don’t really need for any later posts

4. Form a few bullet points

Bullet points, or numbered points like “Top 10 Mistakes Made With Review websites” can make writing articles a lot simpler for you in terms of organization because you no longer have spend time to figure out transitions from one idea into the next. The greatest side benefit is that readers love lists; they are much easier for the eye to follow.

5. Keep it short and simple

If you want to finish your article in 30 minutes, try to keep it around 500 words max. Do not feel like you are skimping on the quality of the content, either: this article also about 500 words but it is still chockfull of relevant information. Make every single word count and you will save lots of time without letting the quality slip out.

6. Come back later

If you find that you are stuck in the writing process, never try to force the words to come. Save the article somewhere and work on something else for a while. If inspiration strikes again, then reopen up that article. You can even switch between one blog post to another, spending just a few minutes on each as ideas will come to you. It is a huge time-saver!

7. Do not save a good idea

It is tempting, when you are looking through your list of ideas, to save the good ones for later because you think they will be much easier to write. You do not want to save time for later, you want to save time right now. Do the articles that you know will come easily and make the most of that time.

Follow these simple steps and you will be on your way to amazing articles in just a fraction of the time. Share with us some of your favorite article writing tips in the comments below!.

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