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12 Things You Should Be Doing After Publishing a New Post (Infographic)

12 Things You Should Be Doing After Publishing a New Post (Infographic)

I often see great blog posts that completely go to waste simply because the writer or marketer did not understand a thing about how content marketing works.

These people are solely relying on the “write it and they will automatically come to mementality” which just does not work unless you already own a giant powerhouse with a massive existing readership.

So how can you spread the word about your latest and greatest?

The infographic below is a 12-point checklist that will walk you through an excellent process of content marketing.

  1. Keyword optimize your article: Put extra focus on the title of your posts and use the Google AdWords keyword planner tool to help you define better keywords.
  2. Syndicating your fresh content: Automatically feed your blog content via RSS feeds to multiple destinations. Including your Facebook Page, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+.
  3. Shorten your post’s URL: This will give you a lot more space on Twitter and allows you to gain detailed insight into your posts success through the analytics that are provided by shortening services like
  4. Tailor your status updates: Write for your audience, so the message is delivered appropriately for the people that are hanging out at each destination.
  5. Place teasers on other sites: Write compelling headlines or ask question like in a forum post title, then include some thoughtful commentary that is followed by your shortened URL. Lastly, ask the readers to provide their feedback on the post to activate a discussion
  6. Bookmarking your content: Posting your content to social bookmarking sites can still be a valuable source of traffic, no-follow backlinks and overall exposure of your brand.
  7. Blog commenting: Providing helpful and valuable comments on other peoples their blogs is a good way to generate more traffic, develop relationships and build a following.
  8. Seek and assist on Twitter: Use keywords to search for relevant discussions that are happening on Twitter and join in to provide your vision. You can follow this actions up with your shortened post link. do not lead with the link though, establish yourself first in the conversation to gain trust.
  9. Add the link to your email signature: Wisestamp for Gmail will automatically pull your latest blog post into your email signature .
  10. Sharing your blog post with a target audience: If you have an email list available, share the content with them in an effort to help them with your wisdom.
  11. Insert your blog post in your next newsletter: If you run a newsletter, add your best content to it in short headlines – then check the analytics to learn which content is most successful – this will give you ideas good for future content.
  12. Ask other people to share / mention your post: Do not abuse this, but if you wrote an extra special post, reach out to your network and ask them to share it for you as a favour.

Open Infographic In a bigger new window

Open Infographic In a bigger new window


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