Factors That Make a Person Successful

Sometimes you might ask yourself:

  • ”Why don’t I have the same success as that person?”
  • “Why is it impossible for me to achieve the kind of success as others who are doing the same as me?”
  • “Why do I barely achieve any results?”
  • “Why am I not excelling in what I am doing?”

Seeing which attributes other successful people are having, can inspire us wanting to be just like them. You might think, perhaps I don’t have the same talents, nor the equal opportunities, good financial resources, and the list of possible reasons can go on.

But how about all the people who started with completely nothing? Like those early immigrants that arrived from impoverished countries, and where able to make their fortune subsequently.

There are people who have a very poor and humble background, or whom we know managed to make it from “rags to riches”.

And how about all others who excelled even with having a physical handicap? You probably also came across or heard about other people who become very successful even without having no advantaged background at all.

I remember the CEO of the listed company Hyflux, whose resilience has enabled her to overcome every obstacle possible, and she has risen to be known today as the “WaterQueen” for having established herself as one of the most successful entrepreneur in the worldwide water industry.

There are also others whose live you may have read about somewhere, whose lives all of a sudden turned around from being rags to riches.

When I think about all the attributes of the people who are successful in what they are doing, I noticed that they have a number of similar traits within them – no matter which field of interest they became successful in. –

I guess that everyone at one point heard about people like Bill Gates, Beethoven, Warren Buffett, Michael Phelps, and other well known successful personalities. We can also look closer at those people we really know – family, friends, acquaintances, whose success and many achievements in life have sincerely attracted our admiration.

Many of these people, in spite of their physical challenges, could still manage to achieve phenomenon success in their own chosen career path. This does really amaze me when we must consider that there are so many ‘normal’ people whose achievements simply pale in comparison to certain people whose lives though beset with infirmities, and can still achieve amazing successes with their lives and struggles.

I noticed that there are several remarkable internal characteristics that they have, and that certain external factors play some parts in the successes of these people which can be highlighted.

Between the two, the internal factors have a greater impact on their way to achieving success in their life’s journey. An more in-depth examination of these traits and factors may keep challenging us and boost these traits in every one of us.

If you really desire the same kind of success as those whose successes may be used as an inspiration for you to emulate. Let us take a some time to consider each of these traits in more depth to have a understanding that makes more sense of what each entails. I also want to picture the possible impact it can make in our own life.

We can consider these internal traits:

  1. Passion
  2. Determination
  3. Discipline
  4. Diligence (hard working)
  5. Responsible


PassionWhen we talk about persons having passion for something particular, we are also saying that this person has an intense enthusiasm and undeniable desire to do well or to excel in that particular endeavor. Having interest to pursue a particular course of studies or to take up a certain sports activity, is completely different from having the passion to do it. Interest may not materialize into action, whereas being passionate about doing something will spur a person to take action to make things happen.

Passion is more than being eager about something; it energizes a person, like a sudden rush of adrenaline. Passion naturally has to flow from within the person that moves or motivates one to be proactive. It also enables a person to achieve goals beyond their own expectations.

Can anyone just somehow create the passion for their own success? Not in the true sense. Sometime, you might have the passion to be in a particular vocation – maybe you want to be a doctor or lawyer, designer or computer programmer, or to excel in a particular sports, such as swimming, or to create a full-time income from the internet. Honest passion or feelings must be created from the right mindset process that empowers and pushes one toward taking good actions to attain the desired results.


DeterminationWhen we speak of ‘determination’, we also mean begin persistent. We often hear the saying that: “The winners never quit, and quitters never win” They have the purpose to stay on

and not give us easily. They are self-driven and may even be marked as tenacious; that is, someone who doesn’t give up easily at the first sign of difficulty or when being faced with problems. They are very persistent in staying focused in what they desire to achieve. They are also able to persevere and endure hardships. They might be beaten and fallen down, but they are not so easily knocked out! They have what we often call, “the fighting spirit” within them.

A very determined person is always able to think out of the box and look for ways to overcome set-backs that always will occur.


To stay focused at all time, very successful people have developed a certain kind of discipline within them that steer them to channel all their energy, time and resources to achieve their goals. They are very willing to make sacrifices to attain what they set out to achieve their goal.

Diligence (hard working)

Whenever we say diligence is one of the traits of successful people, we mean that they are extremely (I repeat, extremely) hard working. No single great enduring achievement is attained without the sustained efforts. Someone who is diligent is also a resourceful worker. They always find ways to overcome any setback when they happen and do not give up at the first sign of trouble or difficulty. They are prepared to work double the speed when a situation requires it and are willing to make sacrifices to achieve their targets and goals.


People that are truly successful also have the trait of being very responsible. They are certainly not afraid to take their responsibility when results seem to fail or don’t meet the set expectations. How they are handling ‘failure’ of course differentiates them from the real failures and quitters.

When faced with some kind of failure, successful people take full responsibility for their set back by looking for possible solutions, instead of finding some excuses or looking for people or circumstance to blame it on. They will always learn from their failures and mistakes. Responsible people don’t look at possible short cuts to achieve their goals. They don’t achieve their goals through illegal means. The end never justifies the means.

Some people may appear able to achieve temporary success through some illegal ways; But such apparent success is often premature and not sustained at all. Within no time they are discovered and have to face the consequence of endless shame and guilt. There is no glory to receive in such so- called success attained fraudulently.

Truly successful people are taking their responsibility in what they do. Take lead and take action. You will be able to gather and read all the information available about successful people and wish you were anything like them. You can posses all the knowledge about the specific attributes of people who are already successful. But if you are not showing commitment to taking actions, nothing is moving and there is no progress to be made.

This victim mindset has to be changed. Remember this, thoughts make way to feelings and when the intensity rapidly increases, passion and enthusiasm is stirred which leads to action and guaranteed accomplishment. It all starts with that your mindset must be set in the right direction: this involves discarding old habits that hinder you from taking the responsibility.

This is what is really important for you to know:

1. Stop Being a victim

Stop your negative thinking that you have been a victim of fate. Instead of this, realize that you can and certainly have the power to change your life through taking positive actions to achieve any result you want.

2. Change the Blame mentality

When something negative happens, stop putting the blame on the other people, the economy or personal your situation. Instead, realize that you can do so much more to change all of your circumstances. You are the one to take the first step and after that you will be blown away at how much you can really be in control of your situation by taking positive actions to achieve your goals.

3. Stop all the complaining

when you complain about life being unfair, you are putting the focus on what is wrong with your life. Where you put your focus on will start to expand and this will cause further unhappiness. To complain about someones situation is also putting unnecessary obstacles on the path that hinders from making the right progress. Instead you should look out for new opportunities around and you that may realize that there are solutions and actions which can be taken to improve the situation and to reach the goals you are aiming for.

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