Two Simple Words That Will Increase Retweets?

Two Simple Words That Will Increase Retweets?

If you are still not using Twitter to communicate with your target audience, you are making a huge mistake.

But I will not dedicated this post about how to getting more twitter followers.

Instead, I want to give you a simple tip on how you can motivate your followers to retweet your tweets easily. These simple methods have been scientifically proven and will really work!

You should, however, bear in mind that a lot of constant changes are going on. In fact, the current trends on twitter are shifting with tremendous speeds. Keep some fingers on what is currently happening in your niche, but take immediate action on these two ways to increase the retweets on your tweets.

Call To Action

How this will work? Pretty simple! When you publish a new tweet, the shortened way to ask your readers to please retweet your post is to include the letters “RT.” However, several studies have shown that if you can spell out the entire word please “Retweet”, you will inspire a lot more followers to share your tweet with their followers.

The study has shown that brands who include the word “Retweet” in their tweets actually got 12x more responses than those who simply did not include the word.

See, this method will not cost you any money to implement and please do not question the power of this. Just go ahead and give it a try yourself and find whether it will work for your type of business or not.

Include The Word “Free”

With almost everything, the word “free” is extremely powerful to the extent that it has even become a cliché. And when you decide to use it on your autoresponder follow up email subject line, it automatically gets flagged.

But when you will add the word “Free” to your tweets, a lot more people will distribute your tweet because you did not ask them for any money.

Your Twitter followers are more than willing to share your post with their own followers on twitter and they might even cite the tweet on their own post.

The danger lies when you go overboard with this. Use the word ‘free’ with caution. You can use this method on your tweets, blogs & articles posts, video titles, or on facebook , but be cautious in order to still retain its powerful potential..

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