5 Good Ways To Monetize Your Website

5 Good Ways To Monetize Your Website

Setting up a website in these modern times is not going to net you a great payday. In the past, all you had to do was set up a page and watch the flood of traffic roll in. That’s not the case any longer and you will see that you need to do a lot more to get the same kind of influence. It’s for that reason that you will want to look into the top 5 ways to monetize a website. There are a number of things that you can do and they range from simple to complicated. No matter what kind of site you have, and no matter what your goals are, there are ways to make sure that you’re getting paid to run things. Even some of the most trivial webpages on the Internet today make money, which means that you can most definitely do so as well. The following methods are just 5 of the many options you have at your disposal.

Sell Banner Ads

The number one way to get into action is through the sale of banner ads. There are several ad size formats that work. You could sell small buttons, banner ads, in post boxes and so much more. These are the web standard options, but you can always create your own style if you’d wish. These can give you a sense of profit each month, and are often times non-intrusive and can assist you in making a quick buck. If you have a great deal of traffic, you could even monetize it so that banners are only shown 1,000 times or 10,000 times, depending on what you want to charge for the privilege.

PPC Advertising

Another tier in the advertising world is that of PPC. The acronym stands for pay per click and it can garner you a great deal of revenue. In some niches, just 1 click from a user on these ads that are usually served by a third party can gain you hundreds of dollars. It’s not advisable to chase the revenue of those elusive earnings, but it can definitely spark an interesting opportunity for your website. Most often, PPC ads needs to be configured to look like they are part of the site, and high traffic again pays off in this world. When visitors click on ads, you are given a commission for the referring traffic. It’s that simple.

Sponsored Posts/Reviews

One sure fire method to monetize your website is to have sponsored posts or reviews on your page. You will get a lump sum to review and write about products or services. You’re given the task of making compelling content for those that are going to pay you to do so. With a little bit of disclosure, you could definitely make a lot of money by simply reviewing products. Not only that, you could even review websites, and other options that will give you a leg up in terms of financial stability.

Affiliate Marketing

Another great opportunity to chase is that of affiliate marketing. In this method, you will be recommending products and services to your readers. It is an easy way to transition from a content producer into a salesman, without having to house any of the inventory. This is not an easy one to get paid with, unless you build a certain level of trust with your readers. The more they trust you, the higher the chances are that they will click on a link that you have posted. Once they click through and purchase something, you receive a commission on the sale.

Sell eBooks

A relative newcomer to the fray of making money on the web, this can garner you success in a lot of arenas. You could either write an eBook yourself or hire a ghost writer to do it for you. In the end, you will be able to get 100% profits from the sale of these items, and you could also spread your name into the niche that you have. If you do this well, others will want your opinion on how to do this, and with that in mind, you could parlay that into more money made for your website.

The above 5 methods are going get you started with earning money on the internet. Whether you have a simple website, or you have a complex one, advertising avenues and affiliate networking are keys to making a living. Without them, you’ll have to find other routes, which can be a bit more difficult to churn out payments with..

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