Are Your Circumstances Keeping You From Succeeding?

Today we’re talking about a phrase I KNOW you have said to yourself because we have ALL said it to ourselves at one point or another.

Be honest: You’ve totally though that you could succeed quicker if your circumstances were different.

If you’ve thought, “My circumstances are keeping me from succeeding,” you’re not alone, but you’re not correct.

This one is ALL about total mindset reprogramming.

What you focus on will flourish.

So if you focus on what is holding you back from success, it will absolutely and undeniably hold you back.

And look at all the success stories all around you. Most of the time, they are of people who’s circumstances were FAR worse than yours or mine.

Two of my inspirators – one of them had to hit rock bottom with alcoholism, drinking a gallon of vodka a day, $99,000 in credit card debt, spending time in jail before finally getting his life together starting at age 32 and going on to make over $30 million. My other mentor has a two year old daughter when she lost her business, her husband and was told she would be wheelchair bound within ten years, dead within twenty all within a six week period. She has gone on to make $1.8 million a year, a fantastic marriage, and running multiple marathons over ten years later.

These situations make my current “problems” seem like whining. I choose to say, “Wow, I’m grateful I don’t have to hit rock bottom in order to succeed. The pain is already great enough.”

But the key ingredient that the success stories have is that they won’t let ANYTHING hold them back from the success that they desire. No addiction, no diagnosis, no relationship status, no financial status, no NOTHING is gonna stop them.

And that’s the attitude you must adopt and reside in to succeed.

Look at yourself in the mirror and I dare you to say out loud:

“NOTHING is going to stop me from my dreams and success.”

People have done what you’ve wanted to do in circumstances worse than yours. So take a moment, breathe, and get to work.

Nothing will stop you if you let it.


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