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Is Pay Per Call More Profitable Than Pay Per Click?

Is Pay Per Call More Profitable Than Pay Per Click?

Let’s go way way back in time to the year 2012 when Forbes predicted the massive explosion of Pay Per Call marketing.

Pay Per Call, as the article states, “could be” 10 times bigger than pay per click.

The Google gods even began to offer Pay Per Call advertisements four years ago. By the year 2012, according to Forbes, Google was dialing up 15 million calls per month on behalf of advertisers.

Lets fast forward back to 2014.

Mobile marketing is taking over the entire digital landscape by storm while more and more people are purchasing mobile platforms like tablets and smartphones.

It is where businesses need to start capturing the consumer their attention.

Pay Per Call mobile marketing strategy

More than 45 per cent of all the smartphone users rely on their mobile devices to look up products or service in the last seven days. BIA Kelsey predicts that mobile searches in the U.S. alone is going to surpass desktop searching by an estimated 27.8 billion in the upcoming two years.

Ask yourself honestly, can you afford to miss out on that attention?

Mobile marketing will give those consumers the opportunity to call your business with just one press on the call-to-action button on your advertisement, or a single click on the link of your paid search result.

This might lead to:

In the past days of advertising, you ponied up several massive bucks for smaller budgets. With Pay Per Call marketing, you always have a lot more control over what you will actually spend. You will only pay for every call that you receive.

Pay Per Call marketing has the purpose to let the user opt in. The very second your phone rings, you already know that you have a fish on the hook, so to speak. If the call was referred from a paid search campaign, you will know that the consumer has called because this person was actually looking for a business like yours. Converting these hot leads into more sales should be very easy.

If you are a small business or a start up that is targeting a specific geographic area, Pay Per Call is always a win. Target your ad to the very zip code where you want to get new leads from. This sounds way more effective than an advertisement in your local newspaper or leaflets, doesn’t it?

Pay Per Call advertisements offer comprehensive tracking data, letting you know the exact click-through rates, call duration and the geographic origin of the call. It easily lets you revise and improve your marketing strategy to improve your return on your investment.

About two years ago, Forbes has already predicted that the explosion of Pay Per Call marketing. That explosion is happening right now.

Existing businesses have a captive audience in their mobile users, and it is absolutely vital for businesses to hop on this bandwagon when it’s still in the early stages.

Mobile marketing is where most of your marketing budgets and efforts should be spent as we are moving forward into 2014.

Unless, of course, you just don’t have any interest in increasing your revenue. Then simply keep doing what you are doing..

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