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4 Things You Should Know Before Using Google Adwords

You will learn many things as you begin using Google Adwords to grow your business. However, knowing these things before you begin can help save you time and money. Here are a few important things you should know before you begin:

1. Beef up your Landing Page

Your landing page is the first thing a visitor sees when they arrive at your site. It won‟t necessarily be your home page, in fact it‟s better that you don‟t. You want to send your visitors to a page that is uniquely targeted to their needs. This can be a different page depending on what link or ad they clicked on to get there. According to the source from which they came, you can determine a few things about that person and what they are interested in. Therefore you should take them to the page with the most information tailored to their needs.

2. Use Global negatives

There is a feature on Google Adwords that allows you to filter out certain words that people type into their search. For instance, if someone searches for the word “free” you probably don‟t want to pay for them to visit your website. This person most likely is not interested in buying something, so you will pay for a bad lead. This feature can help increase the quality of your leads and is especially useful if you are using broad matching.

3. Use Keyword Specific URLs

The design and techniques you use for your creatives is an extensive topic in itself and you will need to test what works for your business. However, one good point to keep in mind before you begin your Adwords campaign is to optimize your creatives. One example of this is to use keyword specific URLs. In other words, when your visitors click on one of your ads, label the URL name according to that specific keyword. For example, if the person searches for “peep toe pumps”, then name your URL Your visitor is more likely to follow a link that includes their keywords, as opposed to one with a bunch of numbers and symbols.

4. Track your Progress conversion and ROI (Return On Investment)

Tracking is perhaps the most important aspect of any marketing you do and Google Adwords is no different. In fact, Google helps you by tracking a lot of the numbers for you. Be sure to read their help section so you understand what all the numbers mean. You can be completely clueless about Adwords and you will eventually become successful as long as you are tracking what works and you adjust your campaigns through trial and error. (Of course, it is better to do a little research first so that you can learn from others‟ mistakes and have to do less of your own trial and error.)

Google will track the number of impressions, number of clicks, and your click-through rate. However, just because people are clicking on your ad doesn‟t mean you are making a profit. Keep track of conversion numbers at each step of your sales funnel. Cut the keywords that are not performing and keep the ones that are. Keep in mind your final ROI and you will be successful with Adwords.



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