ClickBank Introduced The Powered Platform

ClickBank recently introduced a brand new ClickBank Powered Platform that is designed to help users to focus building a business based on selling online products.

“We have realized our future was in helping even more infopreneurs to start creating an successful online business” As said by Clickbank’s  Director of Marketing Eric Boles.

ClickBank users willing to sell their own product in the ClickBank Marketplace will be presented with three different plans they can chose from – Platform, Insider, and Dedicated Advisor – all come with different levels of functionality and pricing, currently ranging from $47 to $297 per month.

“It is an all-in-one subscription-based offering that will give you everything you really need to create, optimize, grow, and run an information business,” states Eric Boles. “Infopreneurs will no longer have to cobble together a bunch of tools just to begin selling their products through the ClickBank Marketplace.”

ClickBank will still offer a free option to become a member through their ClickBank DIY,. This will feature a more do-it-yourself approach to publishing your product on ClickBank.

ClickBank’s affiliate members looking to promote products are also provided with a new Audience Builder package plan to assist affiliates in starting, growing, maintaining and optimizing their online businesses.

The Clickbank Audience Builder includes features like website creation and blogging tools, email marketing (newsletters), product advertisement creation and some more. They priced this at $27 per month, Audience Builder aims at providing affiliates with everything they need to start up, host, create, and promote affiliate websites to sell ClickBank products.

Along with these new platforms, ClickBank completely changed its website from content to design.

“Our staff worked hard on a completely new design that will more effectively addresses the thousands of ‘everyday experts’ out from our community that can turn their know-how into an information business of their own.” Said by Eric Boles

A lot of Clickbank’s functionality still remains the same, such as the member account dashboards and tools. But the ClickBank Marketplace can now only be seen by people with a ClickBank account, which is a significant change because the Marketplace was previously available to all users browsing the website.

To help supporting their clients navigate and utilize the newly introduced platforms and website features, ClickBank also updated their online Knowledge Base for, what they call, improved customer support.

“We managed to roll out a completely new take on our Help Center to streamline support for our members so they can quickly get the information and answers they need,” states Eric Boles.

The new changes to ClickBank follow a recent series of previous updates to the Marketplace as the company looks ahead.

“We are even more excited about where our clients are now able to take their own businesses –and ClickBank– in the future. With everything we have rolled out, we think we will be able to help even more to achieve great success.”.

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