Stop WordPress Comment Spam For Good With Akismet!

TheMillionairesLife.com – like any other website that allows their readers to submit comments on posts – receives a lot of comment-spam, usually advertising websites with fake designer stuff, medicines, gambling services, or other junk that doesn’t add anything to your life. Comment spam is a lot more costly than the annoying email spam because it

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How To Cloak Affiliate Links In WordPress (QuickTip)

You are wondering how you can cloak affiliate links in WordPress? The easiest way for you to do this is with a affiliate link cloak plugin for WordPress. The free WordPress plugin for cloaking affiliate links that I recommend is called Simple URLs. Simple URLs is a URL management system that will allow you to

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15 Blogging Errors That Make You Look Dumb! (Infographic)

Through excellent flexibility and superior quality, WordPress has shed the label of mere “blogging” software a very long time ago. WordPress became an indispensable content publishing platform for several millions of real businesses and talented writers and creators across the web. Chances are, it is even the backbone of your website, which makes the infographic

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