Pay Per Click

5 Good Ways To Monetize Your Website

Setting up a website in these modern times is not going to net you a great payday. In the past, all you had to do was set up a page and watch the flood of traffic roll in. That’s not the case any longer and you will see that you need to do a lot

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Is Pay Per Call More Profitable Than Pay Per Click?

Let’s go way way back in time to the year 2012 when Forbes predicted the massive explosion of Pay Per Call marketing. Pay Per Call, as the article states, “could be” 10 times bigger than pay per click. The Google gods even began to offer Pay Per Call advertisements four years ago. By the year

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22 Good Pay Per Click (PPC) Traffic Generation Tips

Pay per click or PPC marketing is a way for both the advertiser and the website owner to benefit. To truly get the most out of PPC marketing, it’s a good idea to become both the advertiser and the advertisee. What we mean is, create ad copy using PPC, but also offer PPC on your

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