Online Marketing

9 Essential Things Bill Gates Can Teach You About Life & Business

During my childhood I have always had a intense passion for businesses and the famous Bill Gates was my big example who I had always looked up to and kept an close eye on. I am sure that many people are feeling the same way, as Bill Gates was the very first common person of

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Tips For Beginning Affiliate Marketers

Many times over the past few months people asked me what advice I can give to affiliate marketers who are completely new in this business – and trying to learn how to hold the ropes. During the time I started out with sites like ClickBank, I have seen many different affiliates go from knowing almost

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Using “Buyer Keywords”

One of the best lessons I’ve learned in my Internet marketing career so far is that you HAVE to understand how to find people online that are ready and willing to buy! Once I learned how to do this, all my Internet marketing efforts really started to pay itself. In this post I am going

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