Matt Cutt

New Google Algorithm Changes For 2014

It’s again that time of the month. Google has announced several drastic changes to its algorithm in the latest Webmaster video. The director of web-spam, Matt Cutts, announced that the search engine is implementing some changes that will help Google to better determine when a site or blog is an authority on a certain topic.

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Why You Should Make The Content On Your Site Unique? (SEO VIDEO!)

Google Webmaster Tools uploaded out a new educational video that relates a lot to internet marketing. This time, Matt Cutts answers a question regarding to ecommerce websites that hold about 1,000+ product pages. The question, as Matt translates it, essentially comes down to: How can I make the pages on my website unique? “Okay, let

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Why Google Won’t Kill Toolbar PageRank

Google Webmaster Tools have their own Youtube Channel (Which I really recommend you subscribe to!!) where they share very useful videos about how Google handles stuff they find on the internet. They often shed light on a couple of very hot topics in the SEO industry. In this article I want to share a video that

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