Content Marketing

Why You Should Make The Content On Your Site Unique? (SEO VIDEO!)

Google Webmaster Tools uploaded out a new educational video that relates a lot to internet marketing. This time, Matt Cutts answers a question regarding to ecommerce websites that hold about 1,000+ product pages. The question, as Matt translates it, essentially comes down to: How can I make the pages on my website unique? “Okay, let

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Headline Techniques To Double Your Click-Throughs?

It was a unusual slow morning in my feedly folder for content marketing. My eyes skimmed headline after headline. For a second, there was a feeling that could be described as a nary flinch from my oft-twitchy index finger that was indicating me that it was itching to click an article and read some more.

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12 Things You Should Be Doing After Publishing a New Post (Infographic)

I often see great blog posts that completely go to waste simply because the writer or marketer did not understand a thing about how content marketing works. These people are solely relying on the “write it and they will automatically come to mementality” which just does not work unless you already own a giant powerhouse

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