Life After Clickbank

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Don’t stick with Clickbank. Certainly not now they introduced the colored tiers that in 80% of the time will cost you money.

ClickBank is an old affiliate marketing network that now offers tons of digital products for promotion. Internet marketers who wish to make money online use ClickBank to pick a product and market it on the web to a group of targeted audience. However, there are other more valuable networks that provide higher quality products for promotion.

Today, we’d discuss some other networks that are equally big and reliable when it comes to earning money on the web. We are going to discuss only the top 3 Clickbank alternatives.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction is one of the biggest Internet marketing networks on the Internet. It represents more than 62% of the 500 retailer’s affiliate marketing programs. The list of biggies includes Dell, Travelocity etc. So, any Internet marketer can just go about picking a product from Commission Junction and start promoting the product in order to earn thousands of dollars in commission every single month

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PayDotCom features physical and digital products alike; therefore, it is different from ClickBank. The site has niche products for beauty, self-help, marketing and internet tools. Affiliates can earn up to 80 percent commission on a sale, and there is also a chance to get a share of the up sell and recurring payments. There are loads of ebooks, video training and membership offers on the site.

Although there is no popularity indicator like ClickBank’s, it is easy to choose and find programs to promote. There are different categories an affiliate marketer can search in and there is also a keyword search. The search results can be ordered by earning per sale and the percentage of commission. There are plenty of weight loss products and self-help information for sale. However, as the quality check of PayDotCom is not as strict as ClickBank’s, it is advisable that the affiliate should review the quality of the sales copy and get a copy to test.

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Amazon is a leader when it comes to diversity of the products. It offers both tangible and intangible assets for the people from across the globe. People generally don’t use Amazon for earning money online because of its commission but they use it instead for the very fact that Amazon’s affiliate programs are really interesting.

It’s the biggest retailer on the Internet as it treats both the buyers and sellers alike. All the transactions area is driven by security, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Though, ClickBank is what affiliate marketers prefer for higher commissions, the aforementioned networks are used for other good reasons. Webmasters can use any of the given networks to start earning money from home. All they have to do is sign-up for a free account; decide the category of product, pick a niche, choose a marketing method, create an advertising campaign, and get started.

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It’s important, especially if you are new to affiliate marketing, that you don’t just stick with Clickbank. I do admit that Clickbank is a good paying Affiliate Network. But it’s not as good anymore as a few years ago. When you maintain a bigger view and also start looking at other networks, you might come across better valued products that are easier to earn money from..

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