TheMillionairesLife likes to publish guest posts from individuals who are able to offer an unique and useful view on Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Traffic Generation or Mindset. this can be an excellent chance for our readers to learn from your expertise, and for you to urge a even bigger exposure for your own brand to our readers and our syndication partners.

Here are some of our pointers on how to write a successful guest post for TheMillionairesLife.

  • Guest columns usually run about 500-600 words. The more concise the better. Use bullets or subheads to break up text.
  • Make a strong argument. Come down on one side of an issue, or advance a theory. We want to stir discussion.
  • Provide specific examples of companies and true anecdotes to illustrate the points you’re making — the more the better.
  • Steer clear of making this a promotional piece. Don’t worry, you’ll get a lot of positive exposure even if you don’t directly discuss your own company.
  • Disclose conflicts of interest, such as partnerships with, or investments in, any companies/technologies covered in the story.
  • Screenshots or infographics help. Make them simple and clear.

 In our Guest Posts we allow:

  • Unique Content that suits the general subjects on
  • A link to your own website
  • Media files (images, videos, etc) that you legally own
  • Links to your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and Youtube profile
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